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Hi, any washers for selling, 824z, 816K, 811P, 804K in size w36/w34 l32? M.
hi man, unfortunatelly not I sold them three weeks ago.
Looking for Thavar 816k, Thavar 811p and Tepphar 68z, all in w36/l32/34
price reduced down to 50 EUR (shipping excluded)
Hi, looking for Iakop 881z, Thavar 8x2, Thavar 801c...all size 32/32
well, can u please send me lenght inseam/outseam and waist?it might fit me...
sizes 36x32, 34x32 available?
thanks Aramis but I am looking for some cheaper one´s, this one costs 240EUR including shipping:)
looking for Shioner 74y 36x32/34, Tepphar 804k 36x32/34, 
Hi, friend of mine is looking for diesel jeans 801c in size 32x32, any offers? thanks
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