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i just ordered Darron 8PN... i think the difference is big enough to have both. The destroyed parts on the 8PN are much bigger, the 882F has smaller ones plus dirty spots.
Bad quality... they look way better in real life. As i said...it's a blue eyecon... You won't be disappointed    
It's a blue eyecon:)  
it IS available...:P  
G'day mates!   I know that there is a shioner 8PN, released a few seasons ago. But now i found this one:   http://www.boozt.com/de/de/diesel-men/darron-l-32-trousers_760475/1703496?group=search   Darron 8PN with the "new" For Successful Living Logo. Is this something like a revival of the 8PN wash? :D does someone know if boozt is legit? for me, it seems to be:P
absolutely legit. bought there 4 pairs a year ago!
Bought them a few weeks ago on yoox. They might stretch a bit, right. But don't know if its enough to size down one... It's not a stretch wash, pure cutton.
Thanaz 8QQ in 36/32 or 36/34... missed to buy it @ yoox few weeks ago... bit my ass when i saw it wasn't available anymore...
allright... so juzicon is out of the race... thx mates:)
Hey mates...   I'm thinking of buying a jeans jacket.... But I'm not sure which size i need. How does Juzicon fit? Is it a tight fit jeans jacket or more comfort fit?
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