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absolutely legit. bought there 4 pairs a year ago!
Bought them a few weeks ago on yoox. They might stretch a bit, right. But don't know if its enough to size down one... It's not a stretch wash, pure cutton.
Thanaz 8QQ in 36/32 or 36/34... missed to buy it @ yoox few weeks ago... bit my ass when i saw it wasn't available anymore...
allright... so juzicon is out of the race... thx mates:)
Hey mates...   I'm thinking of buying a jeans jacket.... But I'm not sure which size i need. How does Juzicon fit? Is it a tight fit jeans jacket or more comfort fit?
thx...but i prefer 34/34 :D
If there is anybody who knows where i can get Poiak 887V...please tell me. I def. want this one... Maybe it'll be available on sale. This wash seems to be very limited, doesn't it?
Another one for 340 euros http://store.diesel.com/de/skinny_cod36391029lv.html   As expensive as they are... they look AWESOME!   Maybe I'll get this one: http://store.diesel.com/de/carrot_cod42280563kp.html
Yep, think so too....
First one is Krooley 880E. And the second one should be Krooley 882T. (Didn't know that this wash exists in krooley, saw it last week @ yoox. i own safado 882T, thats why i'm quite sure it is the same wash)  
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