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Saw darron 809V today. Def. a cool wash. Saw them in a wormland store... went to P&C than. They had it in viker... Went to diesel store after P&C (because i was on the hunt for krooley 811P :P ) and couldn't find any blue eyecon... so i asked for them. and they told me...they'll arrive in the next WEEKS! haha... Diesel store cologne is ALWAYS!!! 3 steps behind. Sucks like hell! Nice to see that krooley811P is already available in the US. So it'll be available in EU soon,...
Just found these @ ebay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Diesel-Herren-Jeans-Hose-Model-Darron-2013-Blau-Grose-30-34-/130828716445?pt=DE_Herren_Jeans&hash=item1e75ffc99d   I knew that there were orange "for successful living" writings on several washes, some had it written in white, some in green... but RED?! That's new for me. The jeans is declared as a 2013 wash... but i think that's a lie from the seller...   Anyone knows which wash this is?
 Thx mate, but a european location would be better... Haven't ordered from the US till now :-S
When i order jeans from the diesel online store they are sealed in a black package quite often. To open it you have to rip it open...maybe that's why he sometimes can take photos, and sometimes he can't. But i wouldn't be able to choose a more or less dirty wash then....:D straaange
Need Thanaz 8880L in 36/32 or 36/34....:):D
Ok... this one is awesome too. Will buy both blue eyecons... the question is if the 809V has the same stiff and thick denim than 803W had... i have to size up then.  
Jiha...can't wait for krooley  
Ouuh...Try it... :P But it could run short:D
I appreciate that those squares are missing:D;)  
  mmh... i'm not sure... i can wear L32 as well as L34... I'm 1.83m tall.... i just ordered Darron 8PN... i think the difference is big enough to have both. The destroyed parts on the 8PN are much bigger, the 882F has smaller ones plus dirty spots.
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