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Braddom 887D and 888P available @ YOOX:)  
You are ALL WRONG!!!! The one and only BEST grey wash EVER is : http://image.rakuten.co.jp/beare-i/cabinet/diesel-bag/02180999/02157_11.jpg   :D
YES! YES! YES!!! Ordered it!!!   http://www.zalando.de/diesel-krooley-jeans-slim-fit-dunkelblau-di122a07e-952.html
 That happens sometimes. I have Timmen 8E7 which is a blue eyecone. Safado 8E7 is not... i don't know why, but that's the way it is:D
This is NOT a blue eyecon. No blue tag, no blue stud or however it is called and no limited edition banner...  
I saw in in stores in st.gallen, luzern and somewhere else... and a huge numbers of sizes. i bet there were some 36. Was in St.gallen only 4 weeks ago. Maybe they still have some:D  
In swiss stores they had krooley 660Q quite often... :P  
BRADDOM!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
Absolutely... As soon as krooley811P is available in germany i will post comparison pics
Darker than 803W... even darker than 801N.  
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