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Since 881Z is a blue eyecone, larkee-t, braddom and Iakop are all cuts. I have Iakop.  
Braddom 88P and 887D just arrived:) aaah that's awesome. two fresh new pairs, so i can wear the other two as often as i want hrhr:D
WHY?!:D they ARE blue eyecon... FOR SURE!
the blue button is there! And there are only THREE things which are the same on every blue eyecon!: Blue button, blue tag and the limited edition tag with the season. that's it... everything else differs  
What do you all mean with "blue eyecon patch on the back"? The leather patch? I don't think that there is a typical Blue eyecon version of this patch. Some are vertical... but they aren't on EVERY blue eyecon wash. So i wouldn't mind if it isn't on the thavar 811P. The blue Blue Eyecon sign at the right front bag can be seen on the pictures. THIS is a sign of a blue eyecon wash, so you can be sure. There were some cuts in the past which weren't a blue eyecon although the...
No prob mate;)
http://www.yoox.com/de/42284089PL/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42284089PL&sizeId=   here you are:)
You're right... A very special wash and one of the best. Sad that my Krooley isn't as extreme as... i think it was Phukettes Safado 880W. Breathtaking... Maybe i'll try to catch a more extreme wash when i get the chance.   Shioner 880W is available @ Yoox again in different sizes, by the way;)
Found it out by myself... It's Krooley 74D ;)
nope...not at all:-/
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