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HOLY SHIT!!! Awesome safado and the krooley seem to be cool too. Is the safado a "cool of coal" jeans? What do you think?
Here you are: Its W34/L32, my fav. size.       Don't look at the rest of the room:D   By the way, this black Safado up there is just.... AWESOME!!!! Need it! When will it come out?    
I've been to Roermond, NL two or three weeks ago and went to the diesel outlet. I'M pretty sure a saw a olive/green Krooley there, extremly destroyed on the legs... Maybe I'm wrong and it wasn't a krooley, nevertheless i can't find any diesel jeans in olive/green dostroyed look. Does anybody know which one it could have been?:D   thx
Da ich hier seltsamerweise nur 2 PN vershcicken kann am tag... @ Quettingen: Ja machs ruhig mal, ich vergleich dann mit ner Krooley:)
I need more Krooley's:D Just bought the 880W and 8QU... Are these the only two for FW11?       By the way, hi at all:P I'M new here, from Siegen, Germany, and absolutley LOVE the Krooley Fit. Haven't find a better cut yet. I own the 8V4, 8N1, 8X9,8X1,8NJ and now waiting for the two mentioned above. The only different diesel cuts i own is Safado 8L9 and Poiak 8X1.   Nice to meet you:D
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