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I neither can understand why there are people who like the jogg jeans... but who cares? if you like them, buy them. If you don't forget them:)^^   maybe next year i will buy one too:D you never know... but at the moment... no thanks:)
mmmh.... you could be right...:( thx
  By the way.... The jogg jeans is released.... the safado 882b is released... but what about this jeans??? Any informations?  
oouuh...... i need to earn more and more and more money
Where are the pictures of the safado 882b??? still no package arrived?^^
I think i found out which krooley i saw at roermonds outlet. It could have been a 8zw if that one was available in oliv too. The grey one is awesome too.   So GET ME THOSE! :D Krooley 8zw 34x32 or 34x34
Right, the 882B looks a bit like the 8L9, but the 882B has these black influences which make this damn jeans just ASSKICKING!!!!!!!! def. need it!
Right, looks a bit like the 8L9 ( i own one :) ) but the black influences on this one are ass-kicking! love it    
You're right. The 882B has a bit of the 9L) wash. But this new one has black influences...THAT RULES:D
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