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My outfit for today: Diesel Shirt T-Stary Krooley 882d Shoes: Replay Ercol grey  
  Of course i've seen it.:) sorry for posting the pics here:D   By the way, could anybody tell me something about the cool of coal style? i LOVE it. And i own the Krooley 8x9 und 8v4. Both are Cool of Coal jeans. The Thanaz 8v9 is one too, but thanaz doesn't seem to be my cut:P so are there other cool of coal jeans? and will there be produced some in the future?   Greets  
http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/CD2F710A/cod10/37257586IU/mm/125   Here you are:)   Quite cheap:D
Yes my 8QU is that light in real-life. most pics from the internet are the same as yours, quite darker but i'm fine with mine:D i got the shirt from a P&C, if i'm right. Have it also in yellow with lime green "for successful living" printed on. It's available in 6 different colours i think^^
My fav shirt to the beige Krooley 8QU is this one (looks much better in reality than shown on the pics:D )
ok:) I will wait for the pics of this combanation:) lets see how it looks. maybe i can get an inspiration:D
the beige one or the blue one?:)    
I bought the Krooley 8QU in beige and dark blue... Awesome:)    
  I prefer the fit of a krooley. but the safado 882b wash is waay too awesome:)   AAAAH. Next one on the list. Is it already available?   Thanks mate. Thats why i LOVE krooley and own 10 or 11 of them:):D The joggjenas didn't convice mee until now, but i will try them.:)  
UPS just brought memy package i orderd from the diesel store on wednesday:)   Safado 882b     Krooley 882d   And the shoes. Diesel Lowday in blue
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