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genau das ist auch mein plan^^
@enemy: bring mich jetzt nicht in eine finanzielle notlage:D
Safado 882b and Poiak 882b: Safado front (washed once) Poiak front (new) Safado back Poiak back and the new Diesel YUK's are also on the pictures. I like them:)   I'm not sure if i should keep the poiak or send them back. 260 euros for the same wash, but different cut, is quite hard. especially i think the front view looks nearly the same.   what do you think?   And as i already said, the pictures of the pioak at Zalando.de were to dark....
I don't own a pair, but tried them yesterday. i wear usually Krooley in 34/34 or 34/32 so i tried the koolter in 34/32 and they feel just fine. I def. will get them in the near future
ouuh, thats a difficult question... i think it's a mix of both:D:D not THAT soft, but def. not too stiff:D feels just nice:)
Sorry, i'm no a friend of modern mobiles:D my nokia is 6 years old, so i couldn't take any photos:D
I tried the Koolter 84F today. Awesome wash (could be the sister of the 882b xD), also available as Larkee, but that's not my cut. Iakop 81Z and Thavar 80M are just awesome. Espacially the Iakop is on my list now, and maybe the koolter. And there was a krooley i haven't seen ebfore, but forgot the damn wash:-/ it was a grey one, 150 euros, should be of the FW11 collection, but i'm not sure.   there are WAAAY to many awesome washes out there...!!!
Thats the problem: The more you love a jeans, the less you should wear it. TERRIBLE!!!!
@itsinmyjeans: i could size one down with the 880E. i usually wear 34/34 or 34/32... and the other krooleys fit a little tighter than the 880E. but didn't want to send it back :P
Japp...werde versuchen beide modelle in den gleichen lichtverhältnissen abzulichten
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