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congratulations, you've got thanaz legs:D :) looks perfect
Isn't my beige one just brighter then the others? or is there really a dark AND bringht beige 8QU?:D   I got the "luck" that thanaz is def. not a cut for my legs (the same with thavar), otherwise there would be a lot to buy for me:D Maybe i will purchase the iakop 81Z when it got cheaper, but for 240 euros i don't wanna buy it. aa ah and what i wanted to ask: Does anybody have the Diesel FW'11 Denim Guide cataloge? i took one from the local store and there is a...
May i present you my todays completed Krooley 8QU Collection?:D Got the green one today:)     And my Koolter 84F (Yes, i know the pictures are terrible and not very useful:D )   Thats it:) And since i tried the Iakop 81Z once again today i decided that i don't need this one. The cut is just not mine, although i love the wash. Thavar 80M is also breathtaking, but not my cut too. :D i can save a lot money here:D There is no diesel jeans I'm...
My Outfit for Today: My new Timmen 84C (ok, the jeans is nothing special but since my mum paid for it, i thought "have it or not have it" :D if you know what i mean:P) Replay Shirt and Shoes   And NO, thats NOT sweat on my back:D it'S from my wet hair^^
Hehe Good choice! The Krooley is just HOT! I own it too and love it:)
Why are there no pictures of the 84f washes, the 81z wash, or the 82f wash i treid today??? lots of washes are missing....Does diesel not show all the new releases official on the web?
I have no camera on my mobile:D and had no digicam with me...Sorry:( the iakop 81Z costs 229€ if I'm not wrong:-/ maybe 249... not sure.
Haha:)   went to frankfurt today and tried the Iakop 81z once again... just aaawesome. but i have not THAT much money at the moment:P so i bought a timmen:) my first one, the wash is 84C. Nothing extra, but a cool one i think:) and i like the timmen cut. WOn't be my last one:) I also tried the thavar 80M once again, but thavar is to tight for me and my legs:D And i treid a darron Blue eyecons, but again forgot the wash. It really looked like the Thavar...
the stacking is not as extreme as it was, but it's not completely gone...
  Poiak 74y and 880w? or which one do you mean?     Oh yes that's what i really wished to do:D    
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