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Krooley 8x9 Cool of Coal 8v4 Cool of Coal 8QU in beige, olive, dark blue 8x1 80E 8n1 8nj 80w 8zw 82d   Timmen 84C   Poiak 8x1   Safado 8L9 82B   Koolter 84F
Isn'T this already the answer?:D    
@itsinmyjeans: Thanaz 8S2 is not interesting for you?
HOOOOLLY SHIT:D:D   WTF is wrong with them? How can this happen?:D
Thx mates:) i know most of you are not the biggest fans of Krooleys, but i LOVE them:)   itsinmyjeans, what about this one? http://www.smartguy.de/bekleidung/jeans-hosen/Greenwashed_Diesel_Thanaz_jeans__047712_425
I received my long searched Krooley 8ZW in grey today. It's also available in other colours, like olive green. But the wash name is the same. (Like the krooley 8QU, exists in different colours, same name, why is that? :D ) The 8ZW is better than i thought, it is not only destroyed, but there are some dark brown spots ( as known from 8x2, 8n1 washes) and some white stripes... as you might see on the photos.  
It's incredible how different the 80W wash is. On one there are only a few  "cum spots" :D and on another they are everywhere and quite bright. ^^
Its a mix of chino and denim, i would say:D    
  aah, those ones:P   not my cuts:D    
Ich fahre motorrad^^     ah thx:) and the others cuts are not known yet?:P  
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