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is there a list which ones will be released on oct. 15th?
I just found the Krooley 8ZW i searched i few weeks ago:) http://www.smartguy.de/search.aspx?search=krooley its the destroyed grey one.   There are a few krooleys that i haven't seen before. for example the beige one or the normal grey one. I know not everybody likes krooley, but there is also a grey, destroyed thanaz available... If someone is interested:)   Greets
is this 8s9 a cool of coal? i only know the 8v9 is one... and i know i'd love to have one... but it's thanaz:(
:D:D:D:D:D Funny stuff
mmh...no, there is still a grey women cut on male legs:D
haha... you're right:D that's def. a woman's cut:D
:)thanks man. the wash is also available as larkee and i know about that wash because it was lying around there in the store:D it belongs, as the 82b and the above shown 82T to the new neon green DNA collection.   You're right guys, the 82T looks alike 8Y3,8Y0,8X1, but i think it depends on the pictures. my feelings tell me that in real live the 82T colors is different:-/ dunno why:D  
congratulations, you've got thanaz legs:D :) looks perfect
Isn't my beige one just brighter then the others? or is there really a dark AND bringht beige 8QU?:D   I got the "luck" that thanaz is def. not a cut for my legs (the same with thavar), otherwise there would be a lot to buy for me:D Maybe i will purchase the iakop 81Z when it got cheaper, but for 240 euros i don't wanna buy it. aa ah and what i wanted to ask: Does anybody have the Diesel FW'11 Denim Guide cataloge? i took one from the local store and there is a...
May i present you my todays completed Krooley 8QU Collection?:D Got the green one today:)     And my Koolter 84F (Yes, i know the pictures are terrible and not very useful:D )   Thats it:) And since i tried the Iakop 81Z once again today i decided that i don't need this one. The cut is just not mine, although i love the wash. Thavar 80M is also breathtaking, but not my cut too. :D i can save a lot money here:D There is no diesel jeans I'm...
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