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i'm shocked....
ouh thats cool. i think i've got the left one too.... where did you know that there is a "different" wash?
@itsinmyjeans: :D you def. RULE!!! this is waay to awesome:)
@levislad: haha:D that's ok mate.:) i won't become a chino fan now and i think this will be the first and last one i bought. :D the chino is for me that, what the jogg jeans seem to be for a few others here:D just something different to wear from time to time:P
Outfit for today: Yesterday i bought the Chino i mentioned in the "find me these..." thread   Chi-Blado b 0019M is the name and the washcode. I usually don't wear chinos, but a chino with a wash is something special. The price is... killing me but i had to buy it after i slept a few nights about the decision:P   The dirt-spots are not easy tofind on the pictures:P but they are there:)   @Phukette: The 8X8 looks awesome:) you def. can wear...
@itsinmyjeans : AAAH!:) Congrats:) good to hear that he is ok. Can't wait for pictures of father and son with the new diesel collection:D   Saw a new krooley at diesel.com yesterday, but only available from age 8 to age 14:D
AMEN! Only thing that can beat this feeling is riding thorugh a long curve with 200 and dragging your knee softly on the ground:D
I'm searching for a Diesel Chino. Tried one 2 weeks ago...but don't know how it was called. The chino was grey and even had a wash. that's why it cost 249Euro. Does anybody know which one it could have been?
GEt a 31x32 and try it, if too long, shorten it:) here is the 31x32   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNWT-DIESEL-RIANG-8SV-STRETCH-JEANS-31X32-AUTHENTIC-/380258549338?pt=UK_Men_s_Jeans&hash=item58892cfe5a
Krooley 8x9 Cool of Coal 8v4 Cool of Coal 8QU in beige, olive, dark blue 8x1 80E 8n1 8nj 80w 8zw 82d   Timmen 84C   Poiak 8x1   Safado 8L9 82B   Koolter 84F
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