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Krooley 8x9 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8v4 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8QU in beige, olive, dark blue 8x1 80E 8n1 8nj (2x, one is new and unworn) 80w 8zw 82d 8y3 8i2   Timmen 84C 8e7   Poiak 8x1   Safado 8L9 82B   Koolter 84F   Chi-Blado (dark blue, washed, with dirty spots:P)
Still searching for Krooley 8y8 ( 34/34 or 34/32), Viker 8QQ (32/32 or 34/32) and the yesterday mentioned 884b...   Any informations?:)
I have seen your pics, thas why i want those safados:D
Searching for the 884B, this is the 882b i already own:P
Safado 884b anywhere available in 34?:(
Shouldn't there be some new releases today?^^   @itsinmyjeans: Those safado look awesome. I wonder where you get the informations from which washes exist?! The safado 884b wasn't available on diesel.com right? and is the safado as expensiv as the thavar 884q? than you're just crazy:D  
Sorry...jakets like these are ugly like hell for me...:P
my Timmen 8e7 is a blue Eyecons, so the safado should be too, shouldn't they?:)     Oh, no. Just saw some pics. The safado isn't a blue eyecons:P nevertheless, the timmen is:D
Krooley 8Y8 in 34/34 or 34 /32...:-/
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