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my Timmen 8e7 is a blue Eyecons, so the safado should be too, shouldn't they?:)     Oh, no. Just saw some pics. The safado isn't a blue eyecons:P nevertheless, the timmen is:D
Krooley 8Y8 in 34/34 or 34 /32...:-/
i'm shocked....
ouh thats cool. i think i've got the left one too.... where did you know that there is a "different" wash?
@itsinmyjeans: :D you def. RULE!!! this is waay to awesome:)
@levislad: haha:D that's ok mate.:) i won't become a chino fan now and i think this will be the first and last one i bought. :D the chino is for me that, what the jogg jeans seem to be for a few others here:D just something different to wear from time to time:P
Outfit for today: Yesterday i bought the Chino i mentioned in the "find me these..." thread   Chi-Blado b 0019M is the name and the washcode. I usually don't wear chinos, but a chino with a wash is something special. The price is... killing me but i had to buy it after i slept a few nights about the decision:P   The dirt-spots are not easy tofind on the pictures:P but they are there:)   @Phukette: The 8X8 looks awesome:) you def. can wear...
@itsinmyjeans : AAAH!:) Congrats:) good to hear that he is ok. Can't wait for pictures of father and son with the new diesel collection:D   Saw a new krooley at diesel.com yesterday, but only available from age 8 to age 14:D
AMEN! Only thing that can beat this feeling is riding thorugh a long curve with 200 and dragging your knee softly on the ground:D
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