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I can tell you, start with 887D. 74Y is a great wash, no doubt, but the braddom will BLOW you away.... 74Y can't keep up
THATS the thavar i was talking about a few days ago. Looks soooooooo awesome in real life. There are a lot of 8qu's out. So some braddom yesterday...
BAM. Just bought Braddom 887D:) will try to take some pics tomorrow;)
would anybody from the us do me a favour? I need someone who buys the krooley 886P and the safado 884b for me. The US Diesel Online store only ships inside the us:( so i need one of you to send it to germany. Would pay per paypal...
sorry, my mobile hasn't a camera:P 
i've been to a local shop here today. and there was lying a thavar 8qu. Don't know if this is a new wash, but i haven't seen this one before. i can't really tell the colour...maybe a mix of anthrazit,black,green... never the less this thavar looks AWESOME!!!! sad that i don't wear this cut:D has anybody else seen this one?
just realized that i wrote 8x1... of course i meant 8nj, because 8nj looks a bit alike 8x2... nevertheless 8x1 is also aaawesome
Hehe:) You're welcome mate. Looks Good!!!! My safado stretched a bit too. Not much, just a little. But enough;) 
For me its Krooley 8x9 and 8v4. I think the cool of coal style is...BREATHTAKING.I also think, as itsinmyjeans mentioned, 882b and 8x2 are incredible but since idon't wear thavar i have to put the krooley 8x1 in here instead of the thavar 8x2:P
HOW DARE YOU!!!!! I'd never compare diesel to D&G. Holy shit. D&G is the same as Ed Hardy. It helps you to recognize an idiot and dumbass from 300metres distance...
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