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  Krooley 8x9 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8v4 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8QU in beige, olive, dark blue 8x1 80E 8n1 (both versions) 8nj (2x, one is new and unworn) 80w 8zw 82d 8y3 8i2   Timmen 84C 8e7   Poiak 8x1   Safado 8LV 8L9 82B 80I   Koolter 84F   Braddom 87D   Chi-Blado (dark blue, washed, with dirty spots:P)
@baltimore: sorry mate... no digicam available at the moment:D  887D in other cuts?? Which ones??? PLease not krooley !!! that would make me angry:D @ryano74: :D yes that sounds like you have our legs:D when i bought the first safado i thought damn thats low on the waist, but now i like it:) @grag: No, i think iakop is much thighter. 
  OUh, i feel sorry for you if you have the same legs i have:D i didn't try shioner 74y. to be honest i haven't tried ANY shioner. :P how is the fit? i don't like if it's to tight. I love krooley and safado... don't like thanaz / thavar....   i took the braddom in 34/34, tried 34/32 but it was a bit too short for my opinion:P
I can tell you, start with 887D. 74Y is a great wash, no doubt, but the braddom will BLOW you away.... 74Y can't keep up
THATS the thavar i was talking about a few days ago. Looks soooooooo awesome in real life. There are a lot of 8qu's out. So some braddom yesterday...
BAM. Just bought Braddom 887D:) will try to take some pics tomorrow;)
would anybody from the us do me a favour? I need someone who buys the krooley 886P and the safado 884b for me. The US Diesel Online store only ships inside the us:( so i need one of you to send it to germany. Would pay per paypal...
sorry, my mobile hasn't a camera:P 
i've been to a local shop here today. and there was lying a thavar 8qu. Don't know if this is a new wash, but i haven't seen this one before. i can't really tell the colour...maybe a mix of anthrazit,black,green... never the less this thavar looks AWESOME!!!! sad that i don't wear this cut:D has anybody else seen this one?
just realized that i wrote 8x1... of course i meant 8nj, because 8nj looks a bit alike 8x2... nevertheless 8x1 is also aaawesome
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