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JIIIHAAA!! Krooley 887Q!!! Awesome:) this will be mine:)
WOA!! GREAT outfit. Looks incredible:)
oh really? i'm surprised that the 886A wash is so hated here... Not a wash that i def. NEED to have (maybe because of the cuts which are available :D ) but nevertheless i think it looks pretty cool
hehe:) I'm waiting too. :D hopefully there won't be too many washes i need to buy in jan/feb.... but... on the other hand, i hope there will be many awesome washes:D
The more I see Thavar 8x2 the more I think I have to buy Safado 8x2 :D:)
Fits you perfect:) 887d is a wash you wanna wear each and every day, isn't it?:D Funny socks^^
yeah, DNA rules hard. I love them too. also more than blue eyecons, but cool of coal just killed me when i saw them the first time. soooo sad that there were only a few releases:(
what abvout safado 8x2? isn't that an option?:)
i also have a pairs of lowday. in darkblue/corduroy ( if this is the right word :D)
Congrats Phukette:) can't wait to see how they fit you...   here are the new shoes i received today:)   Diesel Midday in brown:)
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