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BRADDOM 887D!!!!!!!!!!
Why didn't anybody tell me that this colour of the 8QU is also available in BRADDOM?! http://www.silverrivet.co.uk/showdetails.asp?id=3642   And WHY are there so many different washes spread all around the god damn world??? The diesel store seems to have only of few of them, although i would think this store should habe ALL of their stuff, shouldn't it? That sucks so hard! This shop has those cuts and those washes...the next store has the same cuts in different washes,...
:(:(:(   i neeeeeeeeeeeed safado 884b... rules hard!
11/6/11 diorjawnz   offline 10 Posts. Joined 6/2011 selling thanaz 73j 31X32 pm me if you are interested  
Just ordered Krooley887Q:) since the diesel pics are everything but authentic, i`m curious how the 887Q will look in real life
JIIIHAAA!! Krooley 887Q!!! Awesome:) this will be mine:)
WOA!! GREAT outfit. Looks incredible:)
oh really? i'm surprised that the 886A wash is so hated here... Not a wash that i def. NEED to have (maybe because of the cuts which are available :D ) but nevertheless i think it looks pretty cool
hehe:) I'm waiting too. :D hopefully there won't be too many washes i need to buy in jan/feb.... but... on the other hand, i hope there will be many awesome washes:D
The more I see Thavar 8x2 the more I think I have to buy Safado 8x2 :D:)
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