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I don't think that you can compare these 2 washes. 811P can be more compared with 8NJ. So it depends on what you are looking for. 888R is an extremly stylish dark blue wash. 811P is a bit more "dirty" and brighter. More royal blue!
Holy shhhhhhit! Awesome washes but.... No Krooleys?! Dammit! :( Hope they won't stop bringing new Krooleys... Which one of the new cuts should replace them?
Cheers. I'd say you should stay with your normal size. I own all my krooleys in W34, as i do in Braddom, Iakop, Viker and Darron.
Diesel Only The Brave Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel Only The Brave Iron Man Diesel Fuel For Life Diesel Fuel For Life Denim J.P.Gaultier Le Male Lacoste Challenge Lacoste Challenge ReFresh Paco Rabanne 1 Million Davidoff Cool Water Game (Not the New one "The Game", "Game" was produced few years ago) True Religion Hugo Boss Element (might be my fav :) )
New: Krooley 8ZW (green), Darron 8K2, 809V, 818Y, Iakop 807D, Braddom 811C     Krooley 8X9 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8V4 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8QU in beige, olive, dark blue, dark beige 8X1 8N1 (lighter Version) 8NJ (2x, one is new and unworn) 8ZW (grey and green) 882D 8Y3 8Y8 8I2 886P 887Q 888R 801Y 801N 808Y 881P   Darron 8X8 882F 8PN 8K2 809V 818Y   Braddom 887D (2x, one is new and unworn) 8QU (dark...
Sorry, didn't realize that you were talking to me :D   I like the fit of all my W34 Krooleys. There might be a difference between all these washes, but it's just a little. I think i could have sized down in 882D. I own this wash in 34/32, better would be 33/34, because it runs quite short. To the rest of all these Krooleys, i can't exactly tell you which one fits tighter or not. When i've got some time, i will try each and will let you know. Or you can ask for a wash you...
Hi   I'm selling my rare Safado 884B in 34/32. The jeans has only be worn a few times. Very good conditions! 120 € The same for the Poiak 887V 34/34. Really soft denim which feels awesome! Also rarly worn and in good conditions! 120€   or best offer! :)   Cheers!
Safado 880I W34 L32 worn a few times, but in very good conditions: 70€ Safado 884B W34 L32 worn 3 or 4 times, perfect conditions: 120€ Safado 882B W34 L32 worn a few times, but in very good conditions: 90€   Poiak 887V W34 L34 worn a few times, but in very good conditions: 120€   Braddom 8QU in black and grey/brown, both W34: 120€ for both   Tell me if you are interested. Will take pics then:)
  Cheers... I Own many Krooleys. From those you mentioned i have 886P,808Y,8X9 and different 8QU's... And all of them are W34, the length is different. I wear both, L32 and L34. If you need exactly information let me know:)
That's not a find on ebay... But maybe there is someone here who likes the wash 807D. I searched a long time for the Iakop and thought i had to order it from the US because in Germany or Europe only Tepphar was available. But finally found it in Germany :) http://www.dress-for-less.de/tmpl/detail.tmpl?art_count=96;art_id=383172;count_cat_sel=1;;designer=Diesel;cat=2;main_cat=2
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