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  Cheers... I Own many Krooleys. From those you mentioned i have 886P,808Y,8X9 and different 8QU's... And all of them are W34, the length is different. I wear both, L32 and L34. If you need exactly information let me know:)
That's not a find on ebay... But maybe there is someone here who likes the wash 807D. I searched a long time for the Iakop and thought i had to order it from the US because in Germany or Europe only Tepphar was available. But finally found it in Germany :) http://www.dress-for-less.de/tmpl/detail.tmpl?art_count=96;art_id=383172;count_cat_sel=1;;designer=Diesel;cat=2;main_cat=2
mmh alright, thx mate. I was sure that there was a picture of a krooley blue eyecon... but might be wrong;) Can anybody tell me something about waykee cut?:)
Nice wash! I'll get one, definetly. Which Blue Eyecons are out too? 603Z is one, isn't it? On Previwe pictures i saw a Krooley Blue Eyecon...but can't find the photo anymore. Does anybody know which one it could have been? And if there will be released more BE this season?   Cheers mates!
here we goooooo   http://store.diesel.com/de/f%C3%BCr-ihn/jeans/denim
I love diesel... and i love motorcycles... i love my GSX-R... but i HATE diesel Helmets:D  My only helmet choice is ARAI!
Do it the way i did... Get all 3:):D
I'd also say that 8qq is the ebst black wash... would love to have one:(
Nooo waaay! 8X9 is unbeatable!:D  
Just saw this one...http://www.ebay.de/itm/DIESEL-SAFADO-8ZW-JEANS-W31-Krooley-Shioner-Darron-Iakop-Tepphar-Thavar-DNA-/171009390493?pt=DE_Herren_Jeans&hash=item27d0f4379d   I own Krooley 8ZW in grey... and saw Krooley 8ZW in olive green and bordeaux red more than a year ago. Both were not available in my size. 8ZW is an awesome wash and i'd love to have ALL available colours but this wash is so DAMN HARD to find!!! For those who wear safado in 31... GET THIS...
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