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wow...looks great! Haven't seen this wash before
Merry Christmas mates:)   just got this from my mum:) :   http://images.watchwear.com/images/prod_oversize/87/diesel_39787.jpg
Ouuuuh thanks a lot. 887D was my first braddom... never tried before. But i really like it:)
haha.... good idea... i should to that to hide my mess too:D    thavar looks awesome with the B&G shoes. If you're lucky with your choice, well done:) Make sure to buy the 887D next week:D
Thanks Phukette:) Will post more often in the WDAYWT thread from no on:)   @Tecco: Hatte bis jetzt auch nur einmal da bestellt... aber hab bei denen halt zufällig die beiden braddoms gesehen... und da ich wusste das es bei denen funktioniert, hab ich se sofort geordert^^
Just received another package:)   Braddom 8QU 78P (grey)             Braddom 8QU 93R             Both worn with a olive green Diesel Segundo-R Sweater and brown Diesel Midday sneakers   TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!
Wouldn't have one post in one thread been enough?:D:D
i think those red ones and the other colored ones are 8QU washes... i think they'll come in jan/feb when the big wave of washes comes out
    AAAH :) thats what i needed to hear:):) thanks mates i will get more active in the wdaywt thread from now on. Had no camera the last weeks... Sounds incredible, but there wasn't even ONE fucking thing to take photos in my whole house:D no mobile, no digital camera, not even a 20 years old camera...:)
34/32 bei einer größe von 1,83 und einem gewicht von 90 kg;)
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