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I'll do my best. Maybe tomorrow. There is one color missing in my collection. I have the green, blue and beige one. Not the dark beige, but the brighter one. Sand-colour.
mmmh...looks good. but nothing new?! looks like 882V or something
@DenimCollector:Yeah def. fits well. Very well. Good choice:)
HAHAHAHA!!! Maybe THIS is finally the answer of all my questions. I love my diesels... but everytime i go out heading into clubs or something, i only wear the washes i have twice. For example my 8nj, 8x9,8v4 or 8n1. Because i was afraid of getting dirty or smelly. ANd i always thought how the hell do the others (especially you guys from DB) manage to keep them clean AND good looking...   i'll try to freeze them now:D
the darron wash is awesome:)  the thanaz is something special, but a bit to extreme, for me. I think this is the first stripes exposure, isn't it? nevertheless both are cool
  Still searching for Krooley 8y8 ( 34/34 or 34/32), Viker 8QQ (32/32 or 34/32) and just saw another viker i haven't heard from til now: 8W3 (cool of coal) Need it!:P also in 34/32
       Quote: Thx:) I'm glad i kept them:P @Dieselicious: Have you seen those pics? http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/191741/diesel-spring-summer-2012-pics/500 Or not close enough? can take more....
Received my new Diesel pullover today:) Diesel K-Elly in grey/green   and new sneakers: Diesel Midday Cord black, btw:here's my sneakers collection:P   Front row: F.l.t.r: Lowday cord blue, Midday Cord Black, Midday brown, Yuk grey/red, Yuk dark grey back row: f.l.t.r 4 Different replay sneakers, and G-Star sneakers (the only g-star thing i ever boght :D )
@Fresh3: AWESOME look. Krooley rules!   Here we go:   What i wore yesterday: Superdry Borough Hood Braddom 8QU dark brown or whatever:D Diesel Midday Brown     Today's outfit: Superdry Seadog Henley Black Krooley 887Q Diesel Midday Cord black    
im really glad that DBG only released ugly bullshit, till now:D:) just not my taste at all. So i don't have to pay these crazy prices:)   My all time faves till now are:   Braddom 887D Krooley 8x9 Cool Of Coal Krooley 882D  i'd love to mention more:D but the limit is 3:(   I need to have Safado 884B Safado 888R and other upcoming washes which look quite interesting on the bad photos which are released till now.
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