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mmmh...looks good. but nothing new?! looks like 882V or something
@DenimCollector:Yeah def. fits well. Very well. Good choice:)
HAHAHAHA!!! Maybe THIS is finally the answer of all my questions. I love my diesels... but everytime i go out heading into clubs or something, i only wear the washes i have twice. For example my 8nj, 8x9,8v4 or 8n1. Because i was afraid of getting dirty or smelly. ANd i always thought how the hell do the others (especially you guys from DB) manage to keep them clean AND good looking...   i'll try to freeze them now:D
the darron wash is awesome:)  the thanaz is something special, but a bit to extreme, for me. I think this is the first stripes exposure, isn't it? nevertheless both are cool
  Still searching for Krooley 8y8 ( 34/34 or 34/32), Viker 8QQ (32/32 or 34/32) and just saw another viker i haven't heard from til now: 8W3 (cool of coal) Need it!:P also in 34/32
       Quote: Thx:) I'm glad i kept them:P @Dieselicious: Have you seen those pics? http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/191741/diesel-spring-summer-2012-pics/500 Or not close enough? can take more....
Received my new Diesel pullover today:) Diesel K-Elly in grey/green   and new sneakers: Diesel Midday Cord black, btw:here's my sneakers collection:P   Front row: F.l.t.r: Lowday cord blue, Midday Cord Black, Midday brown, Yuk grey/red, Yuk dark grey back row: f.l.t.r 4 Different replay sneakers, and G-Star sneakers (the only g-star thing i ever boght :D )
@Fresh3: AWESOME look. Krooley rules!   Here we go:   What i wore yesterday: Superdry Borough Hood Braddom 8QU dark brown or whatever:D Diesel Midday Brown     Today's outfit: Superdry Seadog Henley Black Krooley 887Q Diesel Midday Cord black    
im really glad that DBG only released ugly bullshit, till now:D:) just not my taste at all. So i don't have to pay these crazy prices:)   My all time faves till now are:   Braddom 887D Krooley 8x9 Cool Of Coal Krooley 882D  i'd love to mention more:D but the limit is 3:(   I need to have Safado 884B Safado 888R and other upcoming washes which look quite interesting on the bad photos which are released till now.
so which one did you choose? Hopefully the 8v9:P
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