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@Fresh3: AWESOME look. Krooley rules!   Here we go:   What i wore yesterday: Superdry Borough Hood Braddom 8QU dark brown or whatever:D Diesel Midday Brown     Today's outfit: Superdry Seadog Henley Black Krooley 887Q Diesel Midday Cord black    
im really glad that DBG only released ugly bullshit, till now:D:) just not my taste at all. So i don't have to pay these crazy prices:)   My all time faves till now are:   Braddom 887D Krooley 8x9 Cool Of Coal Krooley 882D  i'd love to mention more:D but the limit is 3:(   I need to have Safado 884B Safado 888R and other upcoming washes which look quite interesting on the bad photos which are released till now.
so which one did you choose? Hopefully the 8v9:P
to impress, you have to wear the thanaz 8v9. :) and if you wanna go with black jeans, choose the 8AA.
absolutely trustable!!! ordered there 3 months ago... shipped from UK to Germany within 3 says! No fakes... perfect
I bought Diesel Chi-Blado.... could be something for you too.
ouuuuh...sale started:)
mmh... i also think it's too slim... The idea of sizing up one is nice, but quite hard if you usually wear w34... w36 is not produced that much, is it?
Niiice... make sure to post pics:)
@phukette: is this your first thavar?      @gpoop: which color? are there different ones available?
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