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i have krooley 886P and can admit, the wash is awesome and also the krooleys are looser than usually.     Yeah ryan, 34/34...thats it:D
I'd love to order braddom too. But there is still only Length 32 available, and i remember when i tried BRaddom 887D in 34/32, they were too short...:( Sucks
me neither   I have Poiak 8x1 and i tried thanaz often. But thanaz is def. way to tight for me, poiak fits quite good.
  Jep, they are all in W34, my usual size
The pics are in the WDAYWT Thread:) http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/64112/what-diesel-are-you-wearing-today/18025
JasonLoveZathan asked me to upload my Krooley 8QUs...   So here you are JLZ;)   Krooley 8QU beige+Energie Shirt+Midday Brown Sneakers       Krooley 8QU blue+Diesel Shirt+Lowday blue sneakers       Krooley 8QU green+Energie Shirt+G-Star Sneakers       The 2 8QUs lying on the bed are Braddoms
oh...yeah. You're right:)
@Phukette: the 888F is a blue eyecons... or are all of them blue eyecons?  
I'll do my best. Maybe tomorrow. There is one color missing in my collection. I have the green, blue and beige one. Not the dark beige, but the brighter one. Sand-colour.
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