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Thx:) you're right. I saw a lot of people wearing krooleys and i thought to myself... Holyshit... that's not the way they are supposed to be worn:D but as jeanatic already said... if the person who wears them likes it... Allright! that's all you need... But i have to say Krooley Jogg Jeans are nothing for me:P tried them... hated them.   And YES! DAMN! YES!!! Narrot is... just... .... ... searching for the right word... but can't find it:D terrible! soo ugly...  
thx mate, but i bet you can keep up;)
How dare you?! :D:D  It depends on the person wearing them     but think like most of you here, krooley doesn't fit him @all. he should try safado or something  
hab grad meine Collection hier aktualisiert:P : http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/187578/what-diesel-jeans-u-have/125       Two 882b`s in a week were too much:D     @Jason: awesome pictures, awesome jeans... and other awesome stuff:D    
  Krooley 8X9 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8V4 Cool of Coal (2x, one is new and unworn) 8QU in beige, olive, dark blue 8X1 80E 8N1 (both versions) 8NJ (2x, one is new and unworn) 880W 8ZW 882D 8Y3 8I2 886P 887Q   Timmen 84C 8E7   Poiak 8X1 882B   Safado 8LV 8L9 882B 880I 884B ( on the way to me, got them from...
didn't know that darron was available in 882F. Viker is available @ ebay
Look what i shot on ebay last sunday... Arrived today...:)   Poiak 882B 34/34 for 80 Euros:) A few of you might remember that i ordered safado and poiak and decided to send the poiak back... Now it's back:D      
@quettingen: i'm too fat for thavar:D
So... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???!?!?! http://www.ebay.de/itm/Diesel-Krooley-Wash-908-Regular-Slim-Carrot-W30-L32-Darron-Poiak-Zara-H-M-/110812493929?pt=DE_Herren_Jeans&hash=item19ccf07869#ht_500wt_1287   just found this krooley @ebay. It is def. a 8QU. A NEW 8QU, seems to be the same colour as the thavar jeanetic has...    Common...THAT SUCKS SO HARD! Didn't realize this one came out.. and WHY? BEcause diesel isn't able to show ALL new washes on the page... God...
I own Krooley 882D and i tell you, any of those pictures sho how it looks in real life. Don't think about it... BUY them. One of my ALL TIME Favs... Awesome wash
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