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Bought Krooley 888R Blue Eyecons Yesterday:) (fit pics tomorrow) Saw the Safado 888R @ Wormland, but decidied to have a look at P&C and Diesel Store... P&C had the Krooleys (didn't even know that the would come out:P ) Saw the Thavar 8QU in the Violet/blue version. Also available in Braddom. But not my colour. But beside the 888R, very disappointing day. The diesel store had NOTHING. No 888R ( asked for, because Wormland and P&C had it, and they said will come the...
saw them in different stores in germany. Wormland and PuC had them
wow... some unusual and rare washes:-/
didn't you like the darker one more?:D
Going out now... and that's what i'm wearing...^^   Diesel Shirt The lighter one of my Braddom's 8QU Diesel Yuk's      
Krooleys seem to look good on arseholes:D
  daaaamn, i wish my 80W would look like tis... Very awesome!     Try krooley in 34. Maybe they'll fit you better    
I thought about buying them too. But didn't find my size in germany yet. There is a 32/32 available here, but i usually wear 34/32 or 34/34. The 8D9 is a stretch wash... DOn't know if i should try the 32/32... but i think the pictures show how the look in real http://www.ebay.de/itm/DIESEL-KROOLEY-008D9-Herren-Jeans-Blau-Gr-32-32-NEU-/190626862667?pt=DE_Herren_Jeans&hash=item2c623f164b  
Safado 880W
Thx:) you're right. I saw a lot of people wearing krooleys and i thought to myself... Holyshit... that's not the way they are supposed to be worn:D but as jeanatic already said... if the person who wears them likes it... Allright! that's all you need... But i have to say Krooley Jogg Jeans are nothing for me:P tried them... hated them.   And YES! DAMN! YES!!! Narrot is... just... .... ... searching for the right word... but can't find it:D terrible! soo ugly...  
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