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You won't regret it. and as usual, the pics don't do justice to the real look. Have you read my post? what about the darron fit? do you think i might like it?^^
thx:)   ok, maybe 220 is a bit too much. the 882D was worth it, those ehre could have been a bit cheaper. But it's a blue eyecons wash... you have to pay for them:-/^^
Here we go:   Krooley 888R Blue Eyecons 34/32       Detailed pics:         left leg back right leg back
Pictures will be up in a few minutes. ;) It's ok to compare the 888R with the 882V, but it's more a mix of 882V and 882D. Looks better than the 882V for me. Cool solid denim, not as thin as the 882D denim is. but phukette, you should try to buy the 888R wash in a store, because you can chose the ebst looking one. Compared some safados and one 88R is looking just normal, while the next one is stunning. Couldn't choose a krooley because there were only one in W34...
Bought Krooley 888R Blue Eyecons Yesterday:) (fit pics tomorrow) Saw the Safado 888R @ Wormland, but decidied to have a look at P&C and Diesel Store... P&C had the Krooleys (didn't even know that the would come out:P ) Saw the Thavar 8QU in the Violet/blue version. Also available in Braddom. But not my colour. But beside the 888R, very disappointing day. The diesel store had NOTHING. No 888R ( asked for, because Wormland and P&C had it, and they said will come the...
saw them in different stores in germany. Wormland and PuC had them
wow... some unusual and rare washes:-/
didn't you like the darker one more?:D
Going out now... and that's what i'm wearing...^^   Diesel Shirt The lighter one of my Braddom's 8QU Diesel Yuk's      
Krooleys seem to look good on arseholes:D
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