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Same here! 1, 2 years ago i really bought a few washes every season. At the moment i'm struggling to find washes i want to pay that much money for. Saw Krayver 827X and Belther 828T Blue eyecons on saturday. Belther might be mine next week. But for me, the krayver is def. not worth 270 Euro. The wash is not even worth called a blue eyecone wash. I might get it on sale. We'll see.   I miss washes like 8x9, 8x1, 8y8,8y0 etc. The DNA and cool of coal era just blew me away
Where can i get these krayver? Anywhere online?
Wow... LOVE the 829B wash. Dammit! Seems that I'm too fat for this seasons Blue Eyecons. Thavar doesn't really fit me well. Of course, Tepphar neither does :D Maybe there will some other cuts:-/ Fingers crossed
A larger butt and thighs? and 31x30 fits you? :D Oh common...you haven't seen my butt:DA wear w34 in Krooley, as i do in Braddom and all other cuts. I also own Krooley 801Y in W34. Fits well;)
Yes, thought that these must be YELLS. I own the dark brown ones from last season. Are the new ones already available anywhere?
 Which boots are these???
Nope, don't size up! Kooley is my fav cut and i own a lot o them. I also had two vikers but on the tighs, Krooley fits much more comfortable in the same size. So if Viker in w36 fits you, Krooley will too!
lol... Where the hell did they dig darron 8E7 out? :D http://www.yoox.com/de/42328441PU/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42328441PU&sizeId=5   And for those who don't know : This is Tepphar 887D... I have Iakop 887D and LOVE it! One of my favs... it's very comfy:) http://www.yoox.com/de/42324080ML/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42324080ML&sizeId=5
 Sorry wrong thread _:D
i hate the background....     ...because it isn't mine:D Looks just AMAZING!   Nice fit on the Belther
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