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Cheers mates!   I've been to a fashion Store last week and tried on Thavar 834F. They only had size 33/32 left, but i need 34/32. Does anyone know where i can buy it? It might appear on yoox in the next days or weeks... But that's not for sure... So any other ideas?   Thx :)
Cheers   It seems like it IS the wash 808Y. But it is not a Blue Eyecon. That happens sometimes. Timmen 8e7 was a Blue Eyecone, but Darron and Safado weren't. I don't understand this... but thats the case:P 808Y is from the last season, or the season before. I'm not sure. There was also a Krooley 805P Blue Eyecon, which was exactly the same wash as 808Y, but with a white stripe on both legs. SOmetimes Diesel is just confusing. Iakop and Poiak are completely different...
Damn! Sucks... But thx mate;)
http://store.diesel.com/de/hose_cod36486238xi.html   Thinking about this one. Just a bit confused because of the length. You can only chose waist... so length should be the same in every size just as it is with 8QU washes etc, or am i wrong? If not, these pants won't fit me at all since i'm 185 high, and the model on the picture is 181...
WOW! W30 is a killer... these two look like 2 completetly different washcodes...
The blue tone is completely different... 811P is a dark blue wash fading into very light... 828T isn't that dark at all...but fades also into very light. 828T is more destroyed... i wouldn't say these washes are very similar
Sometimes there is a denim god... Hunted this Superbia for a long time... http://www.yoox.com/de/42341547JM/item?dept=&utm_campaign=affiliazione_us&utm_content=10&utm_medium=affiliazione&utm_source=linkshare_us&tp=11333 Since i usually wear 34 and everybody said you should size up on this one... i looked for 36... And suddenly on friday, yoox had it...only once...only in 36 :D   Lets see if it fits well ...can't wait.:) My first Diesel B&G
Gotta say that i like that leather patch jeans too. Def. something breathtaking... But as already been said... Not for a normal guy on a normal day... :D
 There might be a mistake on the diesel page. Look here: http://www.zalando.de/diesel-iakop-jeans-slim-fit-0827n-di122a0be-k11.html
Same here! 1, 2 years ago i really bought a few washes every season. At the moment i'm struggling to find washes i want to pay that much money for. Saw Krayver 827X and Belther 828T Blue eyecons on saturday. Belther might be mine next week. But for me, the krayver is def. not worth 270 Euro. The wash is not even worth called a blue eyecone wash. I might get it on sale. We'll see.   I miss washes like 8x9, 8x1, 8y8,8y0 etc. The DNA and cool of coal era just blew me away
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