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Thx mates. But ordering from NYC would be the last decision. I'll try the easier choice and will visit a diesel store as soon as possible.
Cheers mates!   I've been to a fashion Store last week and tried on Thavar 834F. They only had size 33/32 left, but i need 34/32. Does anyone know where i can buy it? It might appear on yoox in the next days or weeks... But that's not for sure... So any other ideas?   Thx :)
Cheers   It seems like it IS the wash 808Y. But it is not a Blue Eyecon. That happens sometimes. Timmen 8e7 was a Blue Eyecone, but Darron and Safado weren't. I don't understand this... but thats the case:P 808Y is from the last season, or the season before. I'm not sure. There was also a Krooley 805P Blue Eyecon, which was exactly the same wash as 808Y, but with a white stripe on both legs. SOmetimes Diesel is just confusing. Iakop and Poiak are completely different...
Damn! Sucks... But thx mate;)
http://store.diesel.com/de/hose_cod36486238xi.html   Thinking about this one. Just a bit confused because of the length. You can only chose waist... so length should be the same in every size just as it is with 8QU washes etc, or am i wrong? If not, these pants won't fit me at all since i'm 185 high, and the model on the picture is 181...
WOW! W30 is a killer... these two look like 2 completetly different washcodes...
The blue tone is completely different... 811P is a dark blue wash fading into very light... 828T isn't that dark at all...but fades also into very light. 828T is more destroyed... i wouldn't say these washes are very similar
Sometimes there is a denim god... Hunted this Superbia for a long time... http://www.yoox.com/de/42341547JM/item?dept=&utm_campaign=affiliazione_us&utm_content=10&utm_medium=affiliazione&utm_source=linkshare_us&tp=11333 Since i usually wear 34 and everybody said you should size up on this one... i looked for 36... And suddenly on friday, yoox had it...only once...only in 36 :D   Lets see if it fits well ...can't wait.:) My first Diesel B&G
Gotta say that i like that leather patch jeans too. Def. something breathtaking... But as already been said... Not for a normal guy on a normal day... :D
 There might be a mistake on the diesel page. Look here: http://www.zalando.de/diesel-iakop-jeans-slim-fit-0827n-di122a0be-k11.html
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