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What a beauty... Looks quite legit. But you are right... no information about that wash. :-/
Am i the only one who thinks that Belther 828T and Krayver 840V aren't THAT similar? ok, i haven't seen Krayver 840V in real, just photos. But i own Belther 828T and a load of other Blue Eyecons. I have to admit, that meanwhile there were a few BlueEyecons which look quite similar. But the 828T wash is more a greyish blue wash and the Krayver looks way more icy blue. The narrpt version looks even brighter...
I think thats the only way to wear a narrot. Really difficult cut...but looks good this way!
Don't be confused by the diesel pics. Go to the next store and convince yourself. Bet the jeans looks way better in real life, than on these crappy photos
Nice bikes mate:) I'm looking for a supermoto at the moment too. By the way, my dad has a TVR Tamora :D Love that car!Me, wrestling the neck of my suzuki 'round the nurburgring :D ;)
Cheers! @Phukettedammit, that sounds tasty :D :) @cossers nice topic and what a beautiful staff! Love dogs. Had a few now. Started with a Retriever, than Dobermann, Rottweiler, and now took a Magyar Viszla from a killing station in the ukraine to save is life:) I'd love to be a good cook but never got into. :-/ But i still got time for that :D My biggest hobby is racing motorbikes. Started riding 6 years ago and started to compete in a german endurance cup 2 years ago....
That one looks promising:)
Shioner 828V
Is there a chance that you'll get Tahavr 834F in 34/32?
http://www.yoox.com/de/42396937WJ/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=42396937WJ&sizeId=   Wich cut and wash is this?   Thx :)
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