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btw, I should of mentioned this before because characteristics could differ for guys/girls jeans so let me just say the above opinion is for guys.
-Update- Ok I'm going to update this thread to a Designers Jean Guide I'll add the comments so feel free to add some of your favorite characteristics for your favorite jeans. Hopefully it will help others too.   Diesel = Construction/Durablility For me it was easy to choose Diesel because of their construction. Just trying on a pair of diesel's in a fitting room was enough time for me to figure out their quality. The double stiching and fabric is so durable...
altho I'm not an expert I just compared it with my lacoste polo (black) and the button was different so I say it's fake. even if it was real why would he sell it for $15? A manufacture that closed doesn't really answer it.  
thanks for those who created this thread. made this clear!
awesome post. really appreciate it. wish I can be like you someday :)
Brand New with Tag Diesel Larkee 88Z wash These are straight leg and size is 30x32 I bought them at bloomingdales and I have receipt of proof. $150 or best offer.   I'm new here but I have 100% feedback on ebay and my user name is ryvac1
thanks alot!   btw, what made you think they're real? just wanted to know.
just found Amazon selling the Zatiny in Regular/Slim fit but this is incorrect right? isn't Zatiny a bootcut???
"Quality" is what made me choose Diesel. I still keep my first pair of diesel's I got 5 years ago and they still hold up like new.    
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