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would not risk it pics are also too dark .
yehhhhh finaly we know something from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad everything that happent to you and welcome back girl
I think its a lost in music and he was a great dancer. But did we know him as a person i dont think so he was a person who i cant get a hold off. I dont believe he did those things whit kids what kind of parent would let his kid play whit mj when you know that , what kind of parents would let theire kids sleep over whit a stranger even if he got tons of money . So im sad yes i grew up whit his music and i love the words in his songs they really mean something
im gonne send it on monday
but im very sad that dave has letting you go
^^ yeh time changes they are on af now but there are also rude people out there i like denimdna its a girly thing and most of the time very friendly site
lorna its the first time i will say something about this Is it bcause some members tread you like crap and make fun of you is it because some members only say words like fuck and shit and motherfucker . Well if it is you have to come back and let them be . Some people here are about 15 some 30 years old and have brains from a 2 year old . So dont bother of those here in the r&r section there are nice people and they deserve to have you arround for the things you know for...
they are fake odie very fake
First Name:cindy Age:35 Where in the world are you:belgium Single/Married/Engaged:living whit a men Favorite Food: belgium fries and ben & jerrys icream Favorite Drink:white wine Favorite Colorurple Favorite Movie:mama mia and twilight Favorite Book:the davinci code and twilight Favorite TV Showperah Favorite Candy:chocotoffs, skritters Favorite Online store:revolve code How did you get into R&R: thats the fault of this forum First pair of R&R: hallogene...
^^^^ and much more lol
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