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I agree with Keri and KUDAMAN143
Wow Looks good. I was not fan of the pocket but the pocket looks different(great) in this picture
Quote: Originally Posted by denim_dude they are definately real i always look at the curves of the coin pocket and back pockets to decide whether or not they're real Thanks~
Quote: Originally Posted by hsensi UNDER $70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy poop! Lucky me! I sent these back once b/c I didn't want to pay $160. This is so much better!!!! Wow congrat~
Yep it looks like muddy water~
Looks fake to me
Super T one more.
Quote: Originally Posted by darlinanna Those look good to me. What's going on with the hems? Did the previous owner hem them and you let them down? Good to hear that it look good. Yep the hem stitching has been removed. Thanks again~
I got this and I'm little worried(it looks good for me but not sure). This is authentic? (I hope it is) always thanks for the help
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