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boulevardstatus Thanks for your help ricefairy Thanks again!! I reported ASAP but...... Quote: hi jay sorry for the late reply,i just saw the msg on paypal,hi A refund is given if the item is not as described in the listing. The refund is subject to a restocking fee equal to 10% of the purchase price. Postage is not refunded. The buyer must return the item in it's original condition at their own cost. A refund is only considered within 2 weeks of the...
Thanks crunkazn for your help ricefairy Thanks Thanks I aready conntact the seller But tells me the are authentic. I must follow your advice and contact paypal. Thanks for help Wish me luck!!!!!
Hi there Plz help me!!! I think I bought FAKE TSUBI jeans. I bought this jeans from ebay ID "sandylai34". I bought VINTAGE LEAN BEAN (seen in the picture) from Womens Clothing site so I'm sure it is 100% authentic. when I got the jeans I compared the details with my LEAN BEAN's from mycatwalk and the details were sooooo defferent. I added some picture of "Phoenix Sun" I got from "sandylai34" and my VINTAGE LEAN BEAN. The seller is telling me it is authentic. TSUBI expert...
PMed U
I bought TR and they were OK
I love the second one too
Congrat marie
I have them and I agree with hot_chocolate
Wow you look great
They look great on you right now
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