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/\ Thank you for starting this thread!!! Kelly is wonderful for so many reasons, I'll never be able to name them all! Here's a few big ones... She works her ass of here! Why? Because she cares. She handles the BASHING's with dignity, even though she DOESN'T deserve it. She's such a giving person - she'll give everything she has and then trys to find even more to share with others. She's beautiful, dependable, reliable, understanding, kind, a true...
Jennifer, I miss you, I love you and I'm so glad I have you in my life. Friends like you are 1 in a million and I'm so blessed to have found you. I don't know how I could have survived the past few painful months without you!! Thank you HF for bringing someone so special into my life!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jennifer10 i was wondering about Steph too. where the heck have you been girl? thanks for all the compliments guys. and yeah, i do have a plumpy butt, but i am working on getting rid of that Don't even think about getting rid of that perfect behind of yours!! You know how envious I am of it!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by twyla lol agreed. i too love your cute plumpy bum! they all look perfect, and MNE sigs are still my everyday favorites!! and btw, hi NATALI (nat2bad)!!!! i miss you. STEPH!!!! Where have you been? I miss you too!!
I LOVE ALL OF THEM ON YOU!! I have to say my fav's are the DHV Tri colors!! A close second would be the green A's! It was my pleasure Jennifer!!!! Love you too!!
WOW! You look great too! Those Lace Havana's look like they were made for just you! Perfect!!
Do some funky squatting and then sit in them for a while, they'll give a little and fit perfect!! I always squat down to where my butt's almost touching the ground and then grab the waist and pull if it's too tight... I swear it works! If not, damp stretching should do the trick!
OMFG!! You look AMAZING! Those look so great on your fabulous figure!! WOW!! Love it!!
They all look so great on you! Those Bombay A's almost look like havanas... I love em! Makes me want to get another pair too!
Quote: Originally Posted by MntMom Oh well, it's no big deal, really Nat...don't feel bad! Too late! I already do... just sent you a pm Brenda!! Let me know okay? BTW... you measured right!
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