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looks good to me! love that color. i have the zip clutch in cherry blossom.
I have the twisted silvers in berlin and i have them in a 27 (im usually a 27) and i could have gone up a size. also, i think the cosbies look better. my friend has them and she looks super hot in them! but i guess it just depends if you like straight leg or bootcut/flare better.
it's the Marc Jacobs blake in tapioca!
im reviving this thread since i got bored and i just finished my last final today.. so yay! this is my current collection after i just sold off two of my marc by marc bags Coach: Black leather pleated hobo, pink sig hobo, turnlock wallet, black miniskinny, beige wristlet, pink tie dye wristlet, Gucci: large hobo and wallet, Bulga medium gold butterfly hobo Marc Jacobs: small vintage bag (i have no idea what it's called), zip clutch in cherry blossom, black blake...
aww i think the gift is perfect! it's so thoughtful! homemade gifts are the best and it really looks like you put alot of time and thought into it.
those are PERFECT on you! i love them!
i'd love an invite! whuang@ucsd.edu thanks love!
^^they were $10 at the sale.
so here's my report: whew! today was SO SO SO much better than last time. last time, i waited five hours and got a crappy sunburn which then proceeded to turn into a farmers tan. haha. but today, i was in line by 8ish and when it was 10am, they let us right in. me, my bf and my friend didnt emerge from the studio until 1ish and the line was SO freaking long still. it was nuts. here's my loot! im so happy with everything i got. beaded twisted silver berlins (they're so...
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