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Oh Man. Waaayyyy to expenso por moi!  
All I can say is that my Sister is constantly pinching and wearing my jeans from the washing line!  I would take a picture, but she's got them on at the moment (and has gone on holiday with them!!).   But this is where you (and she!!!) could get her own pair. [admin edit - if you are interested in advertizing please contact the admin but don't do it in your posts] I'm not sure why she does it- but I have to say it is strange seeing your jeans worn by your...
Hmmm like them. Might splash out on some for myself!
Really?  How you know?  Is it the stitching?
Well, it's time I gave a nod to my girlfriend and her favourite jeans. She's an FC fan- and here are the ones I am going to surprise her with for her Birthday on 17 October: http://www.frenchconnection.com/product/Woman+Collections+Jeans/74IZI/Tiffany+Denim+Skinny+Jeans.htm   She's slim, of Jamaican origin, and an exotic dancer.. so she needs to look good travelling to and from her venues as well as on stage.   I realise skinny jeans don't suit all girls, but she'll...
Those jeans are too pale and aneamic for me! Lol!  
Sencha. What brand are the pumps?
Interesting that untampered denim fabric .. but it just seems sort of wrong! Maybe I've been too conditioned by advertising! I looked for a similar type of denim in my fave collection (FC) and these seemd closest to it. http://www.frenchconnection.com/product/Man+Collections+Jeans/54RZ1/Hayley+Jeans.htm But are these trendy, or just sort of a backlash type regale against super funky designer jeans?
You Mafionista, in that photo,  look like the actress whom plays Cersei Lannister in the HBO series Game of Thrones!  Hear Me Roar!
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