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i rule this forum... oh yah.... and when i first joined, there were a bunch of threads that popped up because members were confused whether i was an admin or not, and i was told by dave back then to get a new username or be banned... hahaha
^ johnny's..... if that helps
quick question: im size 28/29 in SFAM, 29 in RR, what should be my size in TR's? nothing too balls-hugging tight, thankssss!
noooooo oneeeeeee?
i dont notice many sites taht carry gstar products for men, does anyone here know some? i only know of ssense.com and yoox.com (small selection) thanks
have you thought about renting a suit/tux? good for these 1 time use events...
Quote: Originally Posted by barbie_az ^^ Really...check your spam box like Infinite said. they sell it........but are those sites really trustworthy?? i mean, it's not like im buying something simple like a tshirt here...
haha i was being serious though......... where can i buy some???
hahaa help out a noob here..... where can i buy some legit viagra??
where did your friends get their viagra??
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