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Cool forum.   I have gotten four alp jeans; black AW 13 (15,5 cm) black SS 14 17,5cm, blue ones SS14 15,5 cm and raw 17,5 cm SS13.   Love all of them!!!
Wait to get one in Yoox!! I got one clawmark few months ago for 230€.   Quite happy with them!! 
David Beckham in SLP   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=317352845070019&set=pb.150550591750246.-2207520000.1384532607.&type=3&theater
Saint laurent paris?   http://pulse.rmnl.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/beks3.jpg
does anyone notice that DH t-shirt in LVR has been price reduced?
Sorry Eyeq8402 but in LVR there are only in 15,5cm (incredible skinny model); go to SLP official page I think you can get them there.
Eyeq8402 I bought my slp balck jeans in slp madrid boutique; they are MIJ and 100% cotton.   You can also buy them in luisaviaroma; if you need information about sizes I have DH MIJ raw in size 29 and the majority of the DH washed sizes in 29/30; go for size 30 in SLP black jeans
Anyone here that has shifted from DH jeans to Saint laurent Paris jeans?   I have bought a SLP MIJ raw 19 cm and SLP black 17,5 cm but I think that Slimane DH era  jeans are quite better than SLP jeans (very disappointed with KVA jeans)
Strange, KVA wearing jeans!!!! it seems to be a raw too faded!!   http://www.upscalehype.com/2013/09/kris-van-assche-wears-dior-homme-shoes-at-christian-dior-spring-2014-show-during-paris-fashion-week/
I hace jake aw 11 in sise 30 and aw 13 in size 28 and prefer size 28 (not too skinny but aw 11 maybe too baggy I regret to buy in that size,was on of my first dh pair
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