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those look awesome on u!
they're real...
The photos in the first auction are way too small, but look to be fake. The 2nd pair is definitely fake. =) Better luck next time!
hi stephie, those are fake. TR jeans dont ever come in hideous plastic bags like that. plus the overall stitching and wash are just horribly off. also, to answer your question, Super T jeans have 5 stitches , making the stitching much thicker than the normal ones. Big T jeans have 3 stitches so they're slightly thicker than the normal ones and slightly thinner than Super T. The style would be the same though.
looking great as usual , but i'm not a fan of the new pockets too. "pointy" pockets look way better
hey robin, sorry i don't remember what were the washes available. maybe you can give them a call? they are really nice and helpful. oh and there were some Ed Hardy tees for men too. at 49.99!
can't wait to see the pics
You can always give them a call at (760) 304-7050. There should be a 31!
Saw lots of Mens TRs at this rack. Plenty of Bobbys and Logans in various sizes at $85!
sujin, these look fab on you! i'm actually considering getting those..
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