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It seems like the price is pretty low and seems kinda fishy  http://www.ebay.com/itm/diesel-men-safado-8ym-made-in-italy-/330759919314?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&var&hash=item4d02d3d6d2&_uhb=1
I respected and agreed with your opinion, then you lost credibility by calling the others "Girls".
Nah, they're not thick, but not that thin.
God damnit, I had a chance to go that store today and check them out.  Whatever, I probably saved 350$ haha
I would love to see them.  Are you in US? How much did you pay for them, and do they look like the pics?
I have the larkee 88z's and they barely shrink at all in my experience
Were they these? http://www.diesel.com/jogg-jeans/ss12_krooley-ne   Either way, I want some pics!
Not a fan of the "fake" distressing, but the fit is good on you and I like the back pockets.
Does anyone have any worn Turbo Denim pics?
http://www.diesel.com/jogg-jeans/ss12_krooley-ne   So fucking beautiful
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