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So this is my denim shorts collection Keetar 00709/Kratt 00727/Kulter 00728/Zathan 00772/Ysher 0060F/Ravi 00792/Onijo 008EM/Heeven 008II/
This is my small collection of Diesel Jeans Ram - D.I.T 00792/Kulter 00792/Paddom 0089S/Slammer 0062B/Darron 008IL/
I was forgot it,untill i found it today:)  
Thank you,i like my pair of Diesel Ram.This is my first Diesel i buy it in 2004:)And i still wear them.Also the old Diesel model have a sentimental value for me.I'm addicted:)
I want to know,what's the year of Diesel Indigo Technology collection.I have D.I.T Ram.And the other question is,how can i know the year of my Diesel Jeans.
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