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The Thavar is fading quite nicely. I'm liking the stripes and the irregular pattern to the fade. 
Looking good gentlemen!! Lovin the triple denim karacho!   Couple of outfits from the weekend, Thavar 802K   And Shioner 804H, can't believe I tried to sell these! They are SO off the market now!
Yea, scotch and soda are awesome. Great leather and shirts. 
Have some patience. It can take time to sell stuff on here but it's better than eBay as its free. Chill.  Maybe add a link to your ebay profile so people can see your feedback. 
Freezing doesn't kill bacteria that create odour. It only puts them to sleep. 
This is totally spam but I think it's too cool to delete!
Very nice fit Lorna. I like them. It seems you have developed a bit of a fan club here!
Ill wait for the Thavar thanks. If you post here when you get them expect a shit load of orders!!
Welcome Amanda!
Man they look great. Cool photos too! You seem to have some life!
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