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@mattias, I like the vaccines too second time seeing them live and they are a great support act. Lots of energy to get the crowd going. @drumedge, no doubt bro, that lead singer is known for liking a drink or two! @sani, they are caterpillar abe boots. Got em 4-5 years ago. They are my concert boots in case the weather turns bad. Those babies and I have had some great times.
That girl has had 3 kids!!! No way! She looks too fine! Hang on to her mate!
They are washed black. Slightly waxed. I usually get size 32 in thavar, etc but I got a size 31 in these.
DC, that was round one! Drumedge, they certainly know how to get the crowd going. Seen them a few times now and they were chattier than usual!
They are indeed. Great gig. The vaccines and the minutes supported. Got a great 2 hours out of the kings of leon. Played some new too stuff which is always good. Happy with that.
I tried on 813W myself today, out of curiousity as I've never given tepphar much of a chance. I like this wash. Very comfy but a little loose in the waist but fit great everywhere else. Zdenal, they are a good fit. They sit nicely on both pairs of footwear. I'd keep em.    
Wore my 886B to the Kings of Leon in Belfast last night.
Remember to size down for these. They run a little big.
+1They make all other black jeans its bitches.
Spicebomb by viktor and Rolf(the one I use most) Only the brave by diesel Platinum Chanel.
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