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Easy, Thavar 888P Thanaz 887K Shioner 801A.
8NE would've been awesome in tepphar.
They are all different. 884S and 8NE couldn't be more different in feel. 8NE is soft and drapes on the body like freerad said but 884S feels exactly like 888P or 805A. Lyocell is wood based cellulose fibre which gives strength to fabric and also softness when treated properly. To be honest the difference between them is as varied as any 100% cotton jean.
Well man if it was me and money was no option then I'd totally get it. The leather looks too notch and that red lining is a real eye catcher. But I would wait till more come out but only to make a more informed decision.
Nice but shocking expensive.
I would say go with your thavar size. Thanaz/thavar/shioner all fit pretty much the same.
What are you babbling on about? You don't make much sense sometimes. Have you ever done a search on this forum? It's ridiculous and for a newbie it's easier to just create a tread and your amazing contribution is to be patronising and tell them to do a search? So thank you but we don't need that sort of help.
Stunning contribution as always zdenal. Always very helpful. You'll need to size 2 down if you want a slim fit on these particular Darrons as they run quite loose. 884S is really what you're looking. Don't let the composition put you off. These are proper slim, thick and coarse denim in dark blue wash with a green cast. I love em. Or you can size down 1 on safado 882B but beware the thighs could be quite tight. Another option would be DBG...
Thanks for the info anyway dieselolic, I'm finding that with some of new season slim/skinnys. Almost like safado. 814M and 603B are like that. I'd say they're trying to create more of a contrast for the new sleenker cut(or whatever it's called). I'm gonna order 2 of the 817H just in case. Probably the only diesel ill get this season.
Love it lee!!!
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