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DA you are the safado king man.
Wait for the sales. DBG is always -50%.
Sloan, 817H will be like every other diesel wash. Look so pretty but the quality will be shit due to all the treatments. DBG has far better quality with higher quality denim and that one is also selvedge. Ask anyone who owns 8ML, those jeans just don't lose their shape! They're a finer, more premium garment than some of the crap diesel puts out these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge diesel fan and always will be but I have to say, my faith in them is being tested...
Try and get excess 8ML. you can pick up a pair on eBay easily enough. Similar wash, but cheaper. Anyway DBG stuff is always -50% in the sales so its wise to wait.
Exciting stuff here! A fresh new layout would be awesome. Also some sort refining tool for the marketplace. Oh and maybe a denimblog app? And maybe a way to be able to post larger photos in the mobile format?
Price drop!
Zozo always have quite accurate photos too. This should be what they actually look like.
3 of the greats there man. Great purchases.
Item is sold mate. I wouldn't have sold it for that price anyway.
Yeah the jeans are very plain and not choice in terms of fit. Well you're in the right place if you have an addiction to allsaints. I'm currently eyeing my 5th leather jacket. God knows how many other coats I have as well.
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