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@denimverides, very nice of you say so but there are so many people who I steal ideas from but it's nice to hear it anyway! Especially from such fashionable guy like yourself! Apart from that, some excellent outfits here the past few days, and good to see you back lee!
Love this thread! Great idea aramis!
https://www.g-star.com/en_ie/product/men/pants/21.132.81951B.5126.1545 These look more like them. Close enough anyway. I have them and they're awesome. There are some pics in the "what diesel are you wearing today" thread.
Diesel Jilizia Blazer Diesel Tee Diesel Kunha Boots G-Star Bronson slim Chinos
Thanks sanibeldude! My wife was mocking me while taking that photo.
That is actually a cool outfit. (Right click, save )
Hahah! Me too, I'm going I get it for my bro for Xmas. He's been eyeing it since it came out but can't justify the price since he became a dad. I might leave out the fact that James Cunt has worn it. I think Jared Followill from kings of leon also wears it. So that may increase its street cred just a tad.
I had 804K alright but the lyocell blend made them quite loose fitting I don't rate them as a proper tepphar!
I'm starting to think that! I already have my eye on 820Q and 603N.
Thanks DC! This wash has a lot going for it, one of only a few worth getting this season IMO.
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