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Everyone take note: this is a cool outfit!
Looking good lorna! I love that look. And the colour is really nice!
Right, so these Excess-Selvedge didn't fit exactly the way i wanted them so I brought to my tailor (who is awesome) with a pair of tepphar and told her to taper them so they fit the same. She did a bang-up job.         Worn with my new Allsaints Wreck Jumper and Converse Chukkas.
My one is due 8th march. Don't know the sex yet. Decided to keep it as a surprise.
Hey DA, no sweat, I'm 31 and also about to be a dad. The missus is 23 weeks and my baby is about 11" and weighs nearly 1 pound. Exciting times eh dieselolic!
Wow. You really do look great in anything mate! Those for yo so damn well. I'm beginning to think I should give them a try judging by your fit description. But they'll never look as good on me as they do on you!Aahz, super outfit as always. You always look like you're straight out of a lookbook for a high end brand!
Call me mad but I actually like those thavar. Not the price tag though!
No worries brother.
Too cool. So awesome.
Is that the one from newyorkspeed? Cool.
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