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You sound like a man after my own heart! Your story is so familiar to mine and a lot of people here, we're even the same size! I think you'll fit in nicely. Very pleased to meet and I'm looking forward to your contribution! As for the our nomad, the diesel our glory jeans didn't get much love here for some reason and I've never spotted a pair for sale but I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya. 
I would if you want to layer it up.
It fits pretty slim actually. I sized up to a large(I usually take a medium in diesel coats) coz I wanted to be able to layer stuff under it. 
Shioner 886Z Allsaints Ruin Leather Shirt Diesel Wittor Coat Allsaints Trinity Tonic Tee
Tight long John is wwwwaaaaayyyyy skinnier than thanaz. Long John is a proper skinny fit. So skinny it's actually asexual and is marketed to men and women. 
Toulouz, I really like that outfit and Darron fits you so well! Eric, good to see some fit pics man, you got great style. I'm looking forward to seeing more. 
That us a cool casual outfit audit30! I really like it. Might even borrow it!!
Diesel jogg jeans sound exactly what you're looking for. Check out store.diesel.com, they have quite a few different washes. 
It is true bilibili, aahz and I both have amazing taste in clothes. 😃
I really like the 2nd outfit aahz, its really cool. 
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