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That is just genius! Recreating the hems is easy enough. But thighs have eluded us for ages. They look amazing!
I found that they look pretty much the same on. But you'd have to size down on em. The krooleys have more comfort in the upper block. And this particular wash suits a more casual summer-y look. Thats the conclusion I came to after trying both on in the store. I had the wife and shop assistant back me up.
The honeymoon swag-bag: Krooley 811P:   Allsaints Orishi, Muakami shirts and Trap Boots:       G-Star Ranch Jacket     Aldo boat shoes:   Firetrap Shirt:   DBG Excess 8ML(an absolute steal at €70 in the outlet, pity they didnt have the 8BT in my size)     I picked these up in pull & bear for €30:   I had to have them coz they were inspired by these(see pic below) which is not only the most promising look...
Haha we're internet celebrities karacho!   My new Krooley 811P Allsaints Eastlake Shirt G-Star Recolite Overshirt Chucks
Even google knows how awesome you are Karacho. And google is god.
I think the it looks great on you man. It's supposed to be fitted as its a layering piece. Mine is like that. But at the end of the day it's what you're comfortable with and the kinman denim isn't as nice as the Bloomsbury in person. Aahz, that mac is freakin awesome!!! Love it!
Cheers guys! Will get right on it! Just had an epic sleep there! Badly needed after the journey home. I think I was up for about 30 hours before I went to bed!
I was in one in Dubai and it was phenomenal. Lots and lots of rare pairs at brilliant prices. From Tepphar 8PK, Thavar 8X2 to a thanaz 8WW and 73J. Picked up DBG excess 8ML for €70. I would recommend it. I also know of the Woodbury common outlet in New York. Not great, been there 3 times and never bought anything. They do have an excellent allsaints outlet though.
To be honest. They are nice but they won't set the world on fire in any way. They're kind of a cross between 801C and 881Z. But for me, the 809V and 811P are best of a pretty bad lot.
Well I'm back after a couple of weeks of honeymoon. I checked in every once in a while to attend to some matters but the main stuff I missed! Loads of good looks here! Had a ball on honeymoon, spent a shit load of money in Dubai. I'll post some pics over the next few days but the highlights include: A Ted Baker suit(my new pride and frikkin' joy!) Krooley 811P (tried the Thavar but I fancied something a little more casual, and I liked how they looked in krooley...
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