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Depends. If you wear em with boots or hi-tops I'd say get a shorter length(for a neater look) but you're wearing with flip flops or plimsolls I'd say they are fine. I think diesel has enough stacking in its pre stacked jeans without needing anymore length. Aside from that they look great. Good fit through the leg.
This weekend, Krooley 811P Allsaints Denim Shirt Chucks   Shioner 886Z Diesel Double Layer Henley Allsaints Waistcoat Allsaints Boots
@Gpoop, Those sneakers are sooooooo nice. Look great!
Agreed, both could work but you could do with sizing one down.
I may be biased but I think allsaints make excellent denim shirts. The new season cannon shirt is like having 888P in a shirt. Really thick and awesome wash. Duncan shirt is a nice darker indigo wash. Also really thick and great quality. Also quite reasonably priced compared to other brands for what your getting. Pricing for denim shirts can get out of hand. I've seen some shirts that are dearer than jeans. €300 for a g-star one!
Did you stick with your usual size? Look great. May invest in a pair myself!
And karacho is back! Looking awesome as always chief. Leftvapor, I really dig the 8Y0 with the denim shirt. Gonna steal that for another day(with 817H instead of 8Y0...close enough)
No worries mate. Just let me know.
Sorry mate, I absolutely couldn't part with it for less than £300. It's too nice.
Wow DC, just look at that colour! And the shirt makes em really pop. Hands down my favourite outfit I've seen on you. You're always very stylish but I really like this outfit. 10/10 dude!
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