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Press day is usually early October. You should see something by the end of October.
Aramis, these are from ss14. Maybe we should put them there. Give the ss14 thread a little love.
All are nice. The two best ones are Kushiro and griffin. I've tried them all and bought the griffin in the end as I preferred the lamb nappa leather. It's more luxurious. The Kushiro has those cool shoulder padding and the leather is stiffer and thicker and it had a more vintage look. So it comes down to what you're looking for. Something more luxurious or something more vintage.
I would take an xl buddy. The jackets are lined but not padded so they won't do in very cold weather.
They're the ones. Excellent pair but unfortunately too big for me so I never wore em. Enjoy man, I'll let ya know when they're shipped in the morning.
I think you just bought them off me on ebay! Thanks for quick payment, I will ship first thing in the morning!
I was thinking the same thing leftvapor. I always keep an eye on your outfits. They're good for inspiration! Vincent, I usually get a medium in diesel but I always get a small in allsaints coz I like a fitted look and allsaints have a kinda regular fit.
@leftvapor, excellent. Just excellent.
Why? People have had discussions in lots of languages. It's the beauty of this forum.
I was wasn't so lucky. But were a little larger in the waist. I didn't mind in the 600R but the 818V I had to sell on unfortunately.
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