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I think 811P is the "must-have" for this season and I think it'll go quite nicely with your colouring. A nice bright blue is sadly lacking from your wardrobe bro. 
Well in that case! Thank you! I do like em!
"Good" bad or "bad" bad?
Here are the pics of the range boots as promised. Worn with Shioner 801A:              
Awesome aahz, love the rough look. Braddom fit you soooo well too.  Lovin the 881W, Tepphar looks super on you man. Would love to see more full frontal photos. To see the whole outfit. 
You joined a denim forum to ask that? Strange. But yes it should go away. If it hasn't in a few days then contact your doctor. 
They could be. Either way those Tepphar are nnnniiiiiiicccccceeeee!!!
Supra boy I think they are zatiny 882F. 
So far I've only seen 602S is in Safado. 
F/W season is so much more promising than this season. 
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