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Oh man, that is too funny! Lol!
Excellent purchases! Lets see angela formichetti top those!!
Well gents(and ladies), I would be wearing diesel today but my good friend Hugo Boss helped me out as today I got married. What a day. It's 5:30 in the morning here and I'm only going to bed. But I am going to bed a happy man!!
Its an investment in my legs! If I cared about money I wouldn't be buying jeans at this price!!! 😊 I don't think any of us would!   And welcome momotaro!
It could be a good thing. Diesel has been quite stale lately and SS13 was just awful. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do. There are plenty of denim brands out there if its not my cup of tea. 
Yeah they are pretty pricey at €260! But I see them more of an investment. The quality is so much superior to diesel. And I will cuff them for my next outfit with boots. Just to show off the selvedge. 
Thicker than 888P. Softer though. Doesn't have the coarseness. I love em. The wash looks proper natural too. 
No Diesel today but I do have is my new Nudie Grim Tim Organic Green Selvedge from Cultizm. Its a damn shame Diesel just dont make denim like this anymore. 13.5oz of organic Japanese Selvedge. The best jeans in my collection at the moment!   What do you guys think?        
Fantastic fit vlcisko!
Yeah I sold my 33 to aahz. Bought a size 32 then and then bought another 32 in the sales. I bought 2 in case they get too stretched or worn looking. I also have 2 888P and 887K. 
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