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@goonz, I'd leave em open and roll up your jeans once or twice and sit your jeans on top of your boots. That's what I do!
As far I'm aware it's only levislad who doesn't like chinos. Wear em with pride! I got two pairs and I love em!
ASOS has some new stuff. Nothing amazing. Except 811K is looking like its not MII according to the price tag. Still might pick it up in braddom. The wash looks class.
@karacho, pics this Saturday, have a mountain of work to do tomorrow! @shlomi, I got the 888P off diesel_jeans_1978, the 886B off yoox and the 600R are the samples that justmike was selling. @ronlol, kinda, they are very different, I could live with both but I'm trying to downsize my wardrobe to make room for some new season stuff.
Mailman was busy today! Received my new Thavar 888P, Thavar 886B, Shioner 600R and my Allsaints Duncan Shirt. Damn that's a lot of denim!
Jeanetic is doing really well. He's so busy with the young family(from what I hear his little guy is getting up to all sorts of mischief as only toddlers do!!!) and college. He regularly checks the blog but just doesn't have the time to regularly post. Such a shame, he's a great guy and this place is all the poorer without him. But hes doing the right thing by concentrating on his studies. You should hit him a PM, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.
It's all good DC!!
Good point Lavoisier. But of us here don't wash our jeans that much. I know that sounds disgusting but I never sweat in them or get them dirty. I just chuck em in the freezer if they need to be freshened up.
I'm ok with it. We could probably do with a woman's touch around here!!
Jasonloveszathan technique is very good but there is a simpler way. Soak the area with spray starch then crease the area and hold it with clothes pegs. Hang in warm area till dry them boom! all done. It's what they do in the diesel stores.
New Posts  All Forums: