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Realdeal, that is fucking hilarious.
Look the fact is. You two are rude. I'm sure back in the day you all got your jollies ripping people to shreds over their outfits, you were probably convinced that your "opinions" were "honest" or "constructive" but its painfully obvious to everyone else that you're not. The fact remains, I can speak for myself, I have been dressing myself for 30 years without needing any help. If I post pictures here, I'm not looking for validation, compliments or criticism. I'm here to...
Maybe authentic forum wouldnt be a bad idea. The vibe here has gone to shit recently. Oh and its capisce.
I hope you're right mate. It's an excellent cut. And quite frankly its one diesel was famous for.
Quite nice actually.
This is also gonna be the big one for me!
This is the last season of thanaz. Sorry aramis.
Sorry guys I took me so long to delete those comments. I had to delete them on the grounds of bad grammar and spelling. Either way, DC, beautiful pics, I hope you and your wife-to-be will be very happy. You're a lucky man! Karacho and drumedge, looking good gentlemen!
I not here to take sides really. But there is a line and that line is determined by me. But as for "dieselbytch" that anti-Christ was just ignorant, homophobic, racist, thinks her shit don't stink, judgemental, pain in the ass. And insulting jeanetic's kid was the last straw and it earned her ban for life.
Yes I have a problem with you posting here. You think we won't remember you coz you changed your name? Your IP has been flagged and you are banned.
New Posts  All Forums: