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You can't rely on diesels photos. They always look different. They are the same pair.
Guys, could you keep an eye out for these. They are a serious must have for me this season and I want to get them as soon as they drop!
ROCKING the double denim wutzwagg!!! You could give leftvapor or Karacho a run for their money with that outfit!!
Great photos DA! Good fit, and your wife is a looker!!!
Welcome CJ!
Thavar 886B Diesel T Allsaints Iwate Jacket
Albo? Never heard of it! Any pics?
Btw, those 801A look boss on you man. Like the cardi too. The colour really looks great with them!
I'm having the same conundrum DC. I cancelled my order for 816H coz I'm worried it'll be like 801A too much and shioner is a better cut.Plus a pair of DH Raws came available and its something I've wanted for a long time and I'm not made of money.The 814M will have to do!
Welcome! Looking forward to your contribution!
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