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I think 811K comes in braddom anyway but since its not MII it could be available in other cuts.
Size down man. 801B is quite roomy. I would give you measurements but I sold em a while back.
Those boots are fucking nice man! Like a nicer version of my RI boots. But wwwwaaaaayyyyy nicer!
I'm with you weenie. They look fantastic.
And I also like my jeans to be in good condition when I sell em on, not stretched, 3D still there and so on. And no I didn't bother sizing up on the 888P and I'm glad I didn't. Much nicer fit.
Thanks PJ, Yeah ronlol, I'm selling for the same reasons. I clear out most pairs, except for really special ones, to make room for new season stuff. I like to keep my collection to a minimum as I only get to wear jeans on my day off so its a waste having more than 10 pairs.
@goonz, I'd leave em open and roll up your jeans once or twice and sit your jeans on top of your boots. That's what I do!
As far I'm aware it's only levislad who doesn't like chinos. Wear em with pride! I got two pairs and I love em!
ASOS has some new stuff. Nothing amazing. Except 811K is looking like its not MII according to the price tag. Still might pick it up in braddom. The wash looks class.
@karacho, pics this Saturday, have a mountain of work to do tomorrow! @shlomi, I got the 888P off diesel_jeans_1978, the 886B off yoox and the 600R are the samples that justmike was selling. @ronlol, kinda, they are very different, I could live with both but I'm trying to downsize my wardrobe to make room for some new season stuff.
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