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What's so special about them mate? Photos don't do it justice so I'm curious.
Sweet! Happy ending! I'll drink to that!
Very nice mate! Really excellent!
Really nice gents. Loving the leathers!
@ens, your tepphar looks badass with those boots. I think I might step over to asos and see if they're on sale yet.
Hey ensdenim! Great boots. What cut of jeans are you wearing with them?
+1I asked my wife could I make one as we're building our house at the minute and she laughed. Not sure if that's a yes or no...
Your kid is gorgeous! Be careful, my wife wants to eat him!! He's that cute and she's that pregnant.
To hell with other people who don't understand your art DC! You play the part of the tortured artist, you'll be in good company here!
Very nice! Excellent fit. Def gonna get em now! Btw, love the background.
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