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Cheers gents! The shoes are fred perry byron.
Good fit Edouard!   love it aahz, was rocking something similar while on honeymoon!   DBG Excess 8ML
30% off some items to begin with, then its expanded to the collection. Some fashion pants like ones with -A after the cut name get 50%. Only DBG has 50% off jeans. It usually start June.
Im in Ireland. It seems to be UK only for now. Might come to rest of europe soon.
I have both. You can pick up an asos brand equivalent of either for much cheaper. Quality is pretty ok for what you pay.
I like the new photo style DC! And I'm happy as its quite a nice day here and the hat seemed appropriate!
Here's a few in assorted...
How do you access it zdenal? I've checked the website and there are no discounts. Even at checkout.
The Pull & Bear jeans I got to tide me over till those bad-ass chi-tight-b come out!
New Posts  All Forums: