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Congrats glorious!!
My vote goes to the 811P. Nice summer wash. 
Ah rizzice! It's good to see you back man! It's been too long! Those 801N are so cool, I like mine a lot more than I thought. The fit is way better than any other krooleys I've tried! Denim addict, love that watch.
Those braddom look super nice. 
Does it smell like R Kelly's sheets??
Nice buys shlomi, I think those two would go really well together. 
Dram boots I think...
Welcome back locky! Been busy with college? What you studying?
Real nice buys man. 
Test driving my new allsaints Range Boots and my new Thavar 886B, I know I've been a hater of these but the wash is just awesome so I'll give em another chance!
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