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Thanks DC! This wash has a lot going for it, one of only a few worth getting this season IMO.
I got my normal size weenie. Both 8Y0 and 881W are awesome but if I had to choose if choose 8Y0 but from what I remember of those from the viker-r they run slim so be careful!
Thanks guys. They seem to have the same thigh as thavar but narrower at the hem. @straychev, I'm Irish.
I did yeah. Even got a 32L so the stacking is just right.
Went shopping yesterday and went a bit mad. Got tepphar 813W, great jeans, lovely soft stretch to them, very comfy. My first tepphar too! G-Star Bronson Chino Zara bomber jacket Selected Quilted Jacket Nudie Knit Diesel Tee   Oh, and a pair of Fred Perry Chukkas:   And I ordered a lot of stuff from Allsaints(suprise, suprise!) which should be here during the week.
Got some of my new clobber on today: What do you guys think of the tepphar fit on me? Its my first proper tepphar. Tepphar 813W Allsaints V-Tee Zara Bomber Jacket  
Yeah 17.5cm would be the closest but the structure of the fit is slightly different. To me, 17.5cm fit more like DBG excess.
Holy crap toulouz! They look really cool on you mate!
Too right roger, I'm making the switch myself. I like DBG stuff by I want to get into Dior more. First off is a pair of those jakes. Just what I'm looking for. I liked diesel when it was for "only the brave" now it's more "only the blind".
Here ya go mate: on the allsaints webstore. http://m.allsaints.com/product/?category_id=9&prod_desc_id=5052654198294
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