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I've too much time on my hands so I've compiled a set of measurements to compare tepphar, thavar and sleenker. These are all from W32 L32 jeans and are all unworn so no stretching. The thigh measurement is taken approx 2" down from the centre seam and across the thigh. These are approximated measurements that were taken in the exact same place on all jeans regardless of what the tag says about the cut, it seems tepphar and sleenker are almost identical. Tepphar (820Q). ...
Didn't see your post pryv. We must've posted at the same time.
It is indeed! Cheers audit30!
Just some pics to buck the trend of all the selling today!   Tepphar 813W and my new Allsaints Host Bomber Jacket:
I dunno man but it's the only pair I want. But I can wait for the sale. Even then, at 30% off it's still over €210!
Agreed gpoop. But 884S was awesome but 8NE just never sat well down the leg and stacked like ass. Lyocell washes always run quite loose too.
No lyocell is not stretch material. It's a man made fibre that light and strong. A pair with lyocell won't stretch AS much as 100% cotton.
They're a cotton lyocell blend. 8NE was the same.
@tricky, very cool outfit. Love the jacket.
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