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They're not available on the European online store. Gonna need to source a US proxy. This pair and the import taxes will be huge. Not sure if I'm willing to spend that on a pair of jeans. I'll have to see if it comes to the EU store.
Haha, Mandy Rowbottom! I'm such a child.
Should we leave this up for freerad?? I'll edit out the link though. @freeradical82
I've wanted 8BT for so long, I'm gonna get these.
Now that's a lovely pair of jeans. Gonna wear them every day? I really wanted to do this but don't think I have the patience to wear only one denim for so long. Tried it with a pair of thanaz 887K and barely lasted 3 months and that was only 5 days a week!
Now these I like!
You've never seen the kitchen stuff!? It's hilarious. The most pointless spam ever. Links to cheap kitchens in Glasgow and such. On a fashion forum.
I know. I must've banned about 100 myself. The point is, it shouldn't be getting through a spam filter that is being paid for. It's a waste.
A couple of owners did a small review here:http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/200211/review-diesel-thavar-608t-h-w-2014Seems like the denim is like 886B.
Part of the Blue Eyecons collection Slim/Skinny Fit Slim fit with a skinny leg Indigo foam foam dye with thick rigid denim Burnished Copper Rivets Used but in excellent condition Item is 100% genuine and Authentic
New Posts  All Forums: