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Thanks gents, these are def worth it so I say go for it mate.
Tepphar 833Y, I'm getting so much wear out of these. They're awesome! Allsaints Denim jacket Allsaints Figure Tee
It's thick but soft with a slight gloss texture. I really like this coat. Very versatile and the double zip is a nice edge.
Hey guys, I never use this thread but if anyone knows where I can get a pair of thavar 888P in size 32x30 I would be very grateful. Cheers gents.
Thavar 841B         Nice pair, reminds me of a clean Thavar 886B. I like em.
Fit is good. But DO NOT SIZE DOWN! Pics this weekend.
Allsaints varley leather in granite Thavar 841B
Oh what's this?? Could it be.... Yes it is! The new varley leather jacket in granite. Sweeeeeetttttt......
They look sweet. I was eyeing them also. Let me know what they're like!
You are only allowed to bump listings once a month. Please follow these instruction otherwise I will be forced to delete your classified. Thank you for your cooperation.
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