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Thavar 830H Allsaints Bloomsbury Denim Jacket  
I have to agree Ramirez, diesel jeans are usually a statement piece by themselves and sometimes they can make outfits look too "busy" when paired with other statement pieces. Keep it simple is what I say. But, on the other hand, I do love your creativity. You've got some balls with your outfits! I can see that in time, you will have amazing style.
Hey guys, we're not strictly supposed to do this but this is a cause very important to me. I'm running for voices for Down syndrome who provide speech therapy and support for parents and children alike. They do such great work and I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer!! http://www.idonate.ie/mobile/fundraiser/31396_john-barrett-s-fundraising-page.html
No, sanibeldude is a different guy. Not at all like puremorning!!
Best fitting larkees I've seen!
Yeah this dickhead bought a of sleenker off me on ebay pretending to be someone else. Refused to pay and gave me bad feedback. Good job ebay figured out he was a moron and restored my good standing. All because I deleted his account on here for hassling members like leftvapor. Now he's back and up to his old tricks!!?? Get a life and take a hint dipshit and fuck off somewhere else, I can ban your ass as many times as I like...
Yeah, I took ages levislad but I finally sold them. Thanks for the compliment but the trade off for comfort was too much. I have my SLP jeans now they are awesome but I have been looking your pics of the 825M and it has piqued my curiousity!
Crackin means great. I sold them coz they were summer jeans and there was no give in the thigh. Very tight and with the warmer weather they were quite uncomfortable. Shame though, the wash was so unique. I wasn't gonna bother sizing up either coz the loose waist would look ridiculous coz I've no ass to hold them up.
Thanks for the heads up. I got a pair of iggy corduane for €3 last week. Not really my cut either but what a bargain. There's tonnes of tees, sweaters, cardigans and jackets on ebay for dirt cheap if you've got the patience. Actually really liking this season a lot. Some nice shirts and the calton pea coat in khaki is a must for me when the weather turns. Those selvedge cigarettes look pretty badass on you by the way. I like the look.
New Posts  All Forums: