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cJust my opinion from what I can see. And no, I wouldnnt buy them, I never liked the wash. 😀😎
I'd have to agree with Baltimore and zdenal, these look pretty authentic.
I'd keep it if it was me. But it's your dime. And yeah, allsaints staff are not known for their friendliness.
It can be. The process for wearing garments as robust as leather couldn't possibly have a uniform outcome. If you don't like it then you have nothing to lose by going back to the store. Worst case, you have to keep the one you have.
Well, yeah, if it changed that quickly then sure. As for the new one, it looks perfectly fine to me.
Is this the 3rd jacket you've got off them? Or is it the same one as the one with the damaged sleeve lining?
Nudie online store has -20% off most stuff.
Receive my new shirts! Havre, vineland, lonerock and a diesel sarsene shirt. I think I'm all set for a while now!
Nice one gents. Appreciate it.
I think they start off with "selected lines" then increase it to the whole collection after a week or two. That's what they did last year.
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