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In mint condition due to not fitting me right. Bought them then lost weight so they've been sitting in my wardrobe after only been worn 2-3 times max.   Shipping €15 worldwide
Got some more tube tom in the mail today Love these Gloom Blues!
Fuckin love this man!!! What's that coat?
I find cultizm and zozo to be the most accurate. Zozo would want to get models that fit the sample size though.
I agree buddy. Send them back. It's a sucky situation after paying so much and waiting for them and now waiting for a refund. But I've seen jeans fit you way better than and to be honest, you're legs deserve better. Especially for the price.
Cheers dude, I grew it all by myself.
A bit self indulgent but I just love these jeans! Tube Tom Stonesy Black Nudie Jonis Pale Shade Denim Shirt Allsaints Axis Blazer Allsaints Snare Boots  
^^love it Jeanetic!
Had some good weather recently. Decided to break these out! Tepphar 820Q
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