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Your drunk self has pretty good taste! 🍻🍻
Yea, it's a new skinny Jogg jeans.
That photo is taken from its best side. The other side has that awful hole that diesel seems to be obsessed with these days.
Krayver 840V.
I found these while cleaning out my closet. They were washed once before being sealed in a vacuum sealed bag. Postage is €15 flat per pair for worldwide shipping. PM me for postage quote for multiple pairs.   Pics from left to right:     Zatiny 88Z - €25 Size: W34 L32 Waist Aligned: 17.75" Inseam: 32.5" Hem: 9.5" Composition: 100% Cotton Made in Italy version of this wash.   Zathan 8KK - €25 Size: W34 L32 Waist Aligned: 17.5" Inseam: 32" Hem:...
High kai or tube Tom. Tight long john and skinny Lin would be slimmer again. Oh, and size up one for nudie. They have a more fitted waist than diesel.
@royce13 very slick outfit man. Welcome.
Welcome!! Always glad to see a fellow fan!
I'm on it!!
Is that the helm shirt glorious?
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