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Allsaints only sells through their website. And that notify me feature is pretty crap. You're best to check the website regularly.
Why? Are you just waiting for someone to say they're fake?
Great to see you back jeanetic!
From a pdf file I found.
Sorry about the late reply but here are the pics of 843S and 666T. Sorry bout the mobile upload. My laptop is on the fritz.
I'm also waiting for 666T and 843S. I'll probably get them, they look like my kind of thing. Nothing else is jumping out at me though. 841B is nice, picked them up a week or two ago.
@Aivaras and @jap45 both you guys look amazing. Totally gonna steal these looks. Keep up the good work gents!
Returns are free inside the UK only. Even in Ireland you have to pay.
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