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To me they both look exactly the same. So send back the more expensive one. Fit is good on both.
Looking slick as always karacho!
What's the fit like on those Blk dnm? Lindeberg is a genius.
I think krooley and braddom have been discontinued. Except for krooley joggs. Krayver replaced krooley.
This awesome leather jacket is one of the best jackets Allsaints have ever made. Made from the finest oiled lambs leather that is so luxurious to the touch. Constructed in an simple style with the finest materials. Very expensive to buy at the time and sold out really quickly. Very rare and hard to find.   Measurements: Armpit to Armpit: 20.5" Length(shoulder to hem): 24" Inside Sleeve Length: 19.5"   Shipping: €15 flat rate to everywhere
These awesome jogg jeans are in excellent condition, rarely worn  and as like new. Super soft and light woven denim, the interior feels like sweatpants while giving the aesthetic of denim jeans Worn in, sandblasted look with creases, abrasions and rip and repair, done with denim inside patches. These bad boys are so comfortable!   Measurements: Waist aligned: 17.5" Inseam: 33" Hem: 6.5"   Shipping: Flat rate €10 to everywhere
Well that sucks. I hate that, when you've been looking forward to getting something and it doesn't go on sale. I'd say wait for a coupon.
Hot damn aahz!!
Yup. Got my normal size and the v-neck is from nudie I think. Or it's the ranger v-neck from allsaints. They're both pretty much the same.
Why would they have new season stuff on sale???
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