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I'm all about the allsaints (Good job I can type that cause I wouldn't be able to say it right now. 🍻🍻).
Shameless posting leftvapor! You must've known I'd love this!
You need any help getting jeans in I can proxy for you and put a lesser price on them. Or if I can help in any way just let me know.
Wow, that's an unnecessary intrusion. What are the penalties for breaking it?
Go for it dude.
Crave I think. Haven't seen one of them in a while.
I've bought many excess and I can't find any difference between them. Superbia is slim like tepphar though.
Create a classified in the marketplace here. It'll give you better exposure.
That krayver looks so awesome. Can't wait to get them and rock em during the summer months.
Have you tried relaying your feelings directly to diesel? Maybe contact renzo directly on Facebook? I can safely say that diesel has never contacted us directly in connection with anything on this blog. As a massive multinational company they view social media as a marketing tool. They have armies of designers to help with jeans and cuts. But I do agree with you on the wash front, some of them are maaaaadddd!
New Posts  All Forums: