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What a great fitting safado!!!! And cool cardigan! So fresh!
They fit really well. Not a fan of the zip at the back but it does make em really easy to take off and put on!!
Got some tees and snare boots in the allsaints -20% sale last week.  
Thanaz 887K (worn 5 days a week for about 3 months)    
Actually the nudie photos are pretty accurate! Such nice jeans.
Very nice mate. The tricky has the same leather. Very unique
These are very high on my list. Any chance of some better pics though? They fits looks great on you btw but I'd like to get a closer look at the wash itself. See how close it is to 886B.
Damn DA! They look like they were made for you!
Pics gentlemen! Or it didn't happen!
I agree audit, I don't understand what the problem is if you get the what you ordered. Seems strange to cancel a transaction based on that. I've bought 6-7 pairs off him and been delighted.
New Posts  All Forums: