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Thavar 841B         Nice pair, reminds me of a clean Thavar 886B. I like em.
Fit is good. But DO NOT SIZE DOWN! Pics this weekend.
Allsaints varley leather in granite Thavar 841B
Oh what's this?? Could it be.... Yes it is! The new varley leather jacket in granite. Sweeeeeetttttt......
They look sweet. I was eyeing them also. Let me know what they're like!
You are only allowed to bump listings once a month. Please follow these instruction otherwise I will be forced to delete your classified. Thank you for your cooperation.
Paypal will refund you no matter what your excuse is. They act like any retailer. So long as you return the jeans by supplying a tracking number with confirmed delivery. Safados shouldn't have an additional seam.
Dude, what would be nice is some positivity from you for a change. Thanaz is not coming back either are the "old days". The brand has to be seen to move on if it's to survive and by all accounts they are doing pretty well considering. I'm not into this new direction either but diesel isn't the only brand I wear anymore. I'll buy something off them if I like it. I don't turn into a moany-hole when I dont! 😀
By the sounds of things they are out of my depth. Too skinny for me. I wouldn't be able to pull em off. I'll try them of course but it doesn't bode well! Cheers for the advice mate!
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