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Got these a few weeks ago. Absolutely love these! Crescent Hi-Top in washed charcoal. I've never owned trainers this well made (I'm more of a boot/chucks man) before and I'm delighted I went for these. 100% leather inside and out. Had to break them though which is usually an activity I reserve for boots. The sole is a little chunkier than I'd like but it works when you wear them. Either way, love em! Wearing them in these pipcs with my Nudie tube tom stonesy black... Also...
Here is a few pics and a short review of this pair. Slick looking jeans. Definitely a keeper. I can see myself wearing these a lot over the winter. THE WASH: Dark indigo dye with crease distressing on the upper block, behind the knees and along the hem. Has been given the 3D evolution treatment that seems to be expected from these types of washes from Diesel meaning they have that acrid smell (which I kinda like, smells like new jeans!) that some people don't like. The...
They look exquisite. I'm very impressed.
They don't below -30% apart from a couple of select pairs (usually fashion pants) and there is no part 2.
Excellent buys gents! Some lovely jeans right there! Looking forward to your fit pics DA!
There's one in the US online store of you can get someone to proxy it for you.
Seriously, how screwed would we be on this forum without rebons and dequinha??
Yup. I like that shade. Looks like the hue and tone of 73V which I've been looking for for a long time. This will do for a nice substitute coz the back pockets on thanaz 73V just don't do it for me. Cheers rebons
I waited too long to get 603N. My size sold out too quick. I really wanted them too.
Really? I offloaded them shortly after I bought them. Only wore them once or twice. Couldn't deal with the patches.
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