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Nice buys levislad! I thought you hated tepphar though?
It's the tepphar for me. They give you great shape. Having my said that, the fit on both is pretty spot on.
Man, you could wear shit and still make it look cool. Yourself and karacho have that effortless style that we all should aspire to.
It is a buster but I can't remember the code.
Not sure if some of the file names are correct. That white pair are labeled as a krooley jogg. The last one looks like a Tepphar but is labelled as a t-tromp. Thavar 834S and tepphar 666T are top of my list anyway.
Hard to say. They release the collection in dribs and drabs after the sales. There's a couple of washes there that I like. The Thavar 834S, couple of tepphars and those dark grey JOGGS all look interesting.
The guy was an ass. I don't want that kind of shit on here. Had to delete James comments too coz he looked like a crazy person having a one sided argument with himself!!!
Go with your thin finn size mate. I always recommend sizing up one for nudies!
Wtf...hasn't diesel learned anything from those ugly ass rips in the side of jeans??? Haven't enough of them been left to languish on yoox forever unbought, forever unloved...
It is but the leather felt stiffer than I thought it would.
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