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They are thin, twill like fabric. But heavily treated so they are stiff. They are also quite stretchy as well.
They're authentic but they've been washed. I have 2 pairs of these and one has been washed and it looks exactly like those pics. Go for a new pair of you can find them. They look much better. Try giamatshop, he has a good few sizes left.
That's what I mean, I just find the looks clash a bit. Nothing wrong with the fit on either. If 886B were a plain grey wash then it would totally work but the distressed looking jeans and the clean crisp shirt...I'm not sure what you're going for. But that's just me, I'm pretty picky about those things as I'm getting older and slightly more curmudgeonery!
Fit on the jeans: perfect Fit on the shirt: perfect. The two together? Nope. I just find the the two looks clash. But I'm just repeating myself! 😏
Good sharp look!
Yoox powers the diesel online store.
Ok, so I may have gone a bit mad on the 20% Sales. Allsaints did very well out of me! Sandusky Denim Jacket   Some Tees, AS Soul crew Putty AS Virate Crew tee Marsala 2X AS Figure Crew, Ash & Black Cheap Monday Crew AS Takishi Gingham Check Shirt AS Khaki Green Wool Shirt AS Trias Knit, Cinder Marl 2x AS Mode Merino Knit, Ink and Slate Only & Sons Chunky Knit   AS Colt Suit (Only Trousers pictured, had to send the jacket back to get a smaller size....
I gotta be honest, I never liked the look of diesel jeans (especially the arty washes) paired with button downs. The looks just don't match. Excellent fit on the jeans though, your tepphar look better on you than on most! But the whole look isn't my thing. Diesel jeans are not work attire!
Brand? Pics? A long serial number isn't much to go on.
Hansen Wool Trousers Allsaints biker
New Posts  All Forums: