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Hey DC, a description of the denim is in the review. Peruse at your discretion! They're not really similar to any other diesel denim I've come across so I described then best I could.
They're similar but the 835L is richer in colour. More of a deep indigo similar to 8YM, 74Y or 75G or even maybe 880W but darker. It's the material that's the real winner for me.
Well put daaan, great piece of fashion advice there.
Thanks gents! Bit of an update. I wore them all weekend and like I thought the 835L do stretch while wearing but every morning they go back to being nice and snug. Also, these are not for warm weather, it's been a bit toasty here recently and the weight of these makes them quite warm to wear!
833Y gets my vote!
None of my joggs have gotten very sloppy just yet. My 603M are over a year old too. I'm sure some of them will stretch badly that's why I'd never pay retail for them.
Haven't heard from aahz, but sanibeldude is taking a step back from denim purchasing. He went through that crazy phase we all go through where he had to buy everything! I call it denimblog syndrome and I'm a doctor don't you know!
It prob has. That room I now take my photos in is a lot brighter than other parts of the house so that's prob why! Try and get a Japanese selvedge jacket from them as they quality is fantastic. I've had the two jackets for a couple of years and they've never lost their shape. Worth the extra few quid.
Ah it hasn't faded that much. I've had it for a few years and get great wear out if it. Could you be thinking of the iwate denim jacket I also have? That's a raw denim that I'm working on. 😉
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