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Trade on the forum has been a little slow of late. I think giamatshop is taking all the business from the rest of us! He is terribly handy though!
That could be any number of generic thavar washes. Diesel makes dozens like it so it's hard to tell which it is specifically.
I should've put pics of em cuffed coz I tried it but it's like fresh3 said, all the details are in the wrong place and it looks just as busy as the stacking and it looks pretty wide at the hem also. It might be others cup of tea but for that money, I don't think I should have to compromise.
I did consider getting them altered but they don't strike me as a pair that I'll have in 5 years time. So I would be selling them on at some stage. Altering them would significantly lower the resell value. I also tried cuffing them too but it just made them look just as busy. I love that look too, I cuff my jeans quite a bit, I think it looks sharp. And I also agree with the hem width point you made. Sleenker is too slim for me but I just love tepphar these days. But it...
A little word on these... So, before I start, I've been pretty skeptical of diesels ability over the past couple of years and in my view I don't think diesel have pulled off a campaign since the colour exposure season a few years ago. I haven't been impressed by the loud, boorish washes that just are not flexible. I could see what they were trying to do but I could also see how badly they were doing it. So when I heard that lady gaga's stylist was taking over the reigns as...
Our old buddy Francesco hooked me up.
Something very special arrived in the post today.... . More to follow...
Nice! Love those Wornin pepper. It's one of my go to pairs.
^^cool!! That the conny denim jacket too?
Fit looks good from what I can see. Pic isn't very clear though.
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