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Don't even know why I'm bothering to post coz this place is fucked wth spam. Tepphar 820Q Selected Pima Cotton Tee Diesel Jilizia Tux Blazer     Thavar-NE 825I Allsaints Figure Tee ALDO Shoes
Real nice. You look like you stepped straight out of the lookbook. Very cool. 😎😎
If they're anything like your previous pics of the 834B they're gonna be awesome.
Yes but as much we would all like to look like models we must dress appropriately to our shape. Try buster and belther as well. I tried buster the other week in a department store and really liked the fit. It's got a good silhouette with a slim look. Somewhere between safado and thavar. It might just be the jean for you. Just so you know, tepphar is slimmer than thavar but they are mostly available in stretch washes to make up for it. And the slim leg opening makes for...
Why not just try a different cut? Thavar is not the be all and end all of diesel. All those washes are available in other cuts. Regardless of how cool the wash is it'll never look as good if the fit isn't right.
Pretty cool. Wash seems pretty nifty too.
Ive contacted Dave about it. Over 1000 posts got through overnight. I'm not even a mod anymore and I have no intention of going through them all and deleting them. If he doesn't sort it he may as well let this place go to the wall and get overrun by spam. Maybe this place has finally had it's time. No one who has the access level to help doesn't seem to give a shit so why should we. Maybe we should've given @baltimore site a proper go. Maybe he could open it up again?
A couple of outfis from the weekend. We're having typical ying and yang weather here in Ireland for September. Yeserday was cool and showery and today is 25 celsius and sunny! Yesterday: Thanaz 8SV (Cannot. Stop. Wearing. These!!) Levis Line 8 Denim Shirt G-Star Correct Line City Overshirt Chucks   Today, Comfy Sunday with the family! Thavar -NE 820Q Selected Pima Cotton V-Tee Lacoste leather Plims
What's the deal with them cool max joggs dieselboy?
Well you look great for it! So long as you're staying healthy and happy, that's all that matters.
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