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This question gets asked every season. It can be anytime from beginning of January to mid February. The release the collection in stages too. Not all in one go. So be patient grasshoppers, it'll happen soon!
I'd say zathan would be closest if I remember correctly. Man, I loved my zaghors! Had 73C wash in them and it was awesome. Zatiny and New-Fanker are kinda similar and more of a slim boot. Plenty of zathans out there too. Have you tried ebay to find some zaghors?
Please put actual pics of the jeans on the listing please. Thank you.
Cheers buddy. Been eyeing that jacket for quite a while. It didn't disappoint when it arrived.
Agreed. I went one up from my diesel size and they for exactly like my thanaz.
Got some stuff from nudie today. Ervin 50s leather jacket in cognac Thin Finn org. Blue strike Aramis, you're right about thin Finn. Lovely fit!
Ash freerad! You totally beat me to that pic!!
Krayver 827X still looks awesome.
Totally agree!
Love it! What excess are they?
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