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Great jeans and great fit Jeanetic!
Here I go again! Tube Tom Stonesy Black My new Allsaints Shibuya Border shirt River Island Chukkas RayBan Aviator   There's a damn mark on my camera lens and I can't feckin clean it!!
The bayham bomber is currently on sale and is as nice as the blenham(the original and best black leather bomber)
Great jeans and I love that look!
Spring has sprung! expecting mid-twenties today, deefinitely time to bust these out! Tepphar 820Q Allsaints Figure Crew(Putty) Allsaints Snare Boots(Brown)
I'm not a fan of too much stacking anymore. I like when my jeans break once or twice(max) over my boots. Anyway, diesels leg length are ridiculous. Those 30L 841B come in at 33". What kinda sizing is that! Nice outfit btw
7" exactly on a pair of 32/32. I find nudie pretty consistent on sizing and I measured all 3 of my tube toms and they all measure 7". It's a nice kick at the hem considering they are quite tight fitting. Makes them sit well over boots.
If they are moving to Madison ave it's because they want to be seen as more high fashion. I'm getting this vibe from them after seeing some of the tribute collections and the ever increasing price point. Some of that shit is just unwearable.
Excellent. Glad I could help you part with your money!!!
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