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It's the Ziegler shirt. Ink and oxblood check. Perfect for autumn.
Cheers @Hawk they're Nudie Tube Tom Stonesy Black, the shirt is Allsaints and the shoes are Aldo.
Should've cleaned the mirror. Standards are slipping. Better get on to the wife.
Not diesel but ya know....
Ah I see The luisaviaroma pics are sleenker alright. Anyone order these from them?
Where did the rumour of a sleenker 846K come from? Was it just here? It's a bit of is stretch to have a blue eyecon in Tepphar and Sleenker.
Ah I see! I'm quite fond of my homie slippers too. I don't have a dog as an excuse though!
Shirt out looks pretty good. Are those slippers you're wearing?
It may have to wait coz I just got a mail from nudie saying my size is out of stock. Pity. I think at this stage I'll wait till Black Friday/cyber Monday and go on a binge.
Nah they were awful. Soooooooo tight in the calves, upper block was nice though. Tight long john were a lot nicer than I thought but were so low rise they were too similar to women's jeans. Sent them both back and ordered lean dean shoreline and a pair of allsaints pin boots. Should be here by tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: