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19cm I think. Fit like thavar and yup, stretchy. I'm an old man now and I like my comfort! No mistaking the quality anyway. I got my thavar size and they do fit a little snug in the waist and thighs but not in an uncomfortable way. Super jeans. Best late Father's Day gift. She set the bar very high for herself. I'll expect this every year.
Got some stuff! Allsaints Hisako Shirt Thavar 803H Scotch & Soda Ralston Jeans      
So, it turns out that my wife reads this blog when she's shopping for gifts for me. Turns out she reckons Saint Laurent is the brand to have! So she got me a pair these. So they were kinda late but I got em today. kinda sweet!  
Lovely fit on those 880M!
The red thread(it's actually a strip of fabric) is on the inside of the outseam. It was just a way of finishing a roll of denim to prevent unravelling. Only visible when you turn them up. Make for a more durable jean.
What are you looking for and we can keep an eye out for it. Post on here or the good finds on yoox thread if any of us see it?
It's usually one year after. So the fall/winter 2013 collection will typically arrive for fall/winter 2014. This of course isn't gospel but it's a rough guide as yoox puts stuff up all the time so if you're looking for something in particular just check the website regularly.
I noticed that. You and zdenal are reporting everything. But in fairness, the idea of a spam filter is that it shouldn't get through in the first place. The whole kitchens thing was kinda funny though. Especially the ones where he said "this is the best forum ever", it must've been for him, he could do what he wanted!!
I can't believe they actually spend money on it.
I owned a pair of these and I can attest that they 100% authentic.
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