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I don't recall but i wear nudie jeans and compared to diesels slim/skinnys they are a higher waisted so I didn't notice on the buster.
886B is quite slim in the thighs. Big in the waist but the thigh can be tight. Sizing down will squeeze the life out of your legs. Again I ask, if thavar doesn't fit you why keep buying them? It's not as of diesel doesn't make other cuts?
Has anyone seen the runway clips from the Black Gold 2015 show? Some of the outfits and more importantly, a couple of the jeans look absolutely badass!!! Check it out below: http://www.gq.com/fashion-shows/mens-collections/diesel-black-gold-spring-summer-2015
I tried them in my thavar size and the upper block and thighs fit the same but the calf was a little looser. I liked it, they fit very well and I've my eye on a pair myself in the sales.
Real nice straychev.
I think they are too similar to own both. 608T seems darker and less ripped.
Fit looks good. Enjoy buddy.
I'm so stealing this look! *right click,save!
Get them hemmed and ask your tailor to keep the original hems. Results vary given the wash. The main thing is they lose their value which isn't a ridiculous concept, just a prudent one of you want to offload jeans you don't wear anymore in order to replace them with newer ones. You should try it. You'll never look back.
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