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Thavar 841B Diesel Chron-Zip Boots Allsaints Longwave Shirt Selected Tee
Yea 32x32, nudie have that fitted waist going on and if you don't get the right size it gives you that squishy butt look that's just awful. Having said that, after wearing my tube toms for the past few weeks, I wore my tepphars today and they feel so baggy! It's weird!!
Normal Nudie size. Tight as hell when I got them but they fit like a glove now. I like the way when they stretch they always return to original shape.
There's a couple of good write-ups for dbg pre-fall on style.com and thefashionisto.com http://www.style.com/fashion-shows/pre-fall-2015/diesel-black-gold http://www.thefashionisto.com/diesel-embraces-leather-studs-pre-fall-2015-collection/
In mint condition due to not fitting me right. Bought them then lost weight so they've been sitting in my wardrobe after only been worn 2-3 times max.   Shipping €15 worldwide
Got some more tube tom in the mail today Love these Gloom Blues!
Fuckin love this man!!! What's that coat?
I find cultizm and zozo to be the most accurate. Zozo would want to get models that fit the sample size though.
I agree buddy. Send them back. It's a sucky situation after paying so much and waiting for them and now waiting for a refund. But I've seen jeans fit you way better than and to be honest, you're legs deserve better. Especially for the price.
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