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Nah, it's what I imagine tight long John will look like on me.
Pulled the trigger on a pair of pipe led. Just to see what they're like. Also got a pair of tight long johns for the craic! May well be an excercise in hilarity! But they did bump me up to free delivery. I'm expecting this
I know it's a touch early but has anyone come across pipe led yet? It's seems to be between thin finn and tube Tom. Maybe a tape ted without that awful low yoke.
Very nice DA!
You added a link to the website so it's technically spam. What did you expect from a little known brand. And ease up on the sass, zdenal works hard to keep this forum to a certain standard.
You two don't get on and that's fine. But keep it civil. He's not deleting or modifying your posts. Like I said, I would know if he did. It's easy to check.
Huddler, which powers this site has an automatic filter which holds posts in moderation of they contain links. This process was updated and strengthened when we were being bombarded by spam and is now denimblog policy and will not change. However, I can tell you with 100% certainty that your posts were not deleted, held in moderation or removed in any fashion. I would know about it if they did. And quit the drama, it's impressing nobody.
Yoox carries a lot of DBG stuff but I've only ever seen one outlet in Woodbury Common in New York but that's long closed now. Usually the DBG stuff is lumped in with the regular diesel stuff.
Very true but they do have fantastic sales!
Dude, chill on the melodrama a bit. I just checked the system and none of your posts were deleted or held for moderation. Sometimes if you're trying to upload lots of pictures the server simply times out.
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