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+2 😀
Yeah, you can see the blue when the light hits it. 😎
Hah! The highest form of flattery! Looking good buddy!
Don't worry I'm not upset. But I am responsible for forum content. Wouldn't want anyone spamming the forum or misleading our members.
That's a pic from cultizm who don't stock your brand so who are you kidding!!??
Ink is dark blue, oxblood is burgundy and black is, well, black.
I love the oxblood. Ink would be more versatile and the black is more versatile again. So, depends what you want it for. If you're gonna wear everyday, go for black. If it's gonna be worn every so often, go for ink. And if you want a statement piece then go for oxblood. That's how is look at it.
^^awesome dude.
Now that I can agree with. Even non-MII washes are €200+. But I've also noticed every brand has been taking a price jump these past few years but diesel is taking the piss.
Can't wait to see your fit pics straychev, the ones you took in the store they looked super. @fresh3, surplus clothing is legit, yeah? They have loads of sizes. And I've wanted braddom 887D for ages. It's the one wash I regret selling.
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