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Tepphar 886Z Allsaints Snare boot Allsaints Aterro Tee Brooklyn Supply Co. Shirt
Very nice Alehandro, everything fits well and the whole outfit is bang on point.
Keeping it simple here guys with: Tepphar 666T Allsaints aterro tee, liking the longer length tees these days, not too long mind but good for layering in Autumn. My new Grey Suede Chucks which I freakin love!
Anyone tried Acne jeans? I'm interested in these: https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/acne-studios/washed-blue-max-prince-jeans/1227063 But I'm concerned about size and fit? Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
Tube Tom would be very like sleenker without the very narrow leg opening.
Always size up one from diesel coz nudie have a fitted waist and upper block. Grim Tim would more like safado-thavar so they should fit you no problem.
No worries!
Avoid the pipe led, bit roomier than the tube Tom in the thigh and excruciatingly tight in the calf. I have scrawny calves and they gave me a serious pain. Try the tube Tom. Very like sleenker or tepphar but low waist and straight skinny fit. Love my Tube Toms. As for Allsaints sizing, I'm a medium in diesel but I always go for a small in Allsaints.
Very nice DA, everything fits well as we've come to expect from you! Shoes are awesome and the jeans break well over them. I'd do another button on that shirt though, make it extra sharp!
They look good, love the colouring of the 668L. Post some pics with some footwear maybe but both look solid. Wouldn't size down if I were you.
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