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Tepphar 840R $298      
Safado 665K        
Krayver 840V        
Some new pics thanks to dieselboy!   Buster 840T $328          
Yea the low yoke on tape ted sometimes turns me off them but I personally love tube tom. But as DA said, always size up coz nudie don't do vanity sizing and they recommend not to sag the jeans to prevent blow outs, that's why they have tape ted and thin finn with the low yoke. It gives the illusion of a sag without your ass falling out.
Yeah even the stretch blends are so superior to anything diesel has put out in years. How do you find the fit?
Nice job! First nudies?
Man that is such a cool jacket!
Awh man, you gotta post some pics of that coat when you get it.
Cool. I like tepphar myself. Very comfy with the bonus of a slim fit.
New Posts  All Forums: