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They look great buddy and an excellent review as always.
Very nice! Welcome!
Yeah man,send em back. Not worth the money you paid.
Definitely washed and worn. 882B had serious stacking on them. The fact they run short too is suspect. The details are legit though. Rivets, etc. My guess is these were factory seconds deemed not good enough for sale. IMO, the seller should've stated that.
-ne means joggs and -a is fashion pants. I've given up on trying to figure out diesels coding system and when I enquired on behalf of here they told there is no system. And the acronyms mean nothing either do the alpha numeric wash codes. It's just a thing for differentiating during manufacturing.
Yeah everything looks legit to me too. It's a new one for me though.
The only US jeans I've ever seen is a special edition from black gold a couple of years ago. I've never heard of any other diesel made in the US. I could be wrong.
Please do not advertise your classifieds in the main forum. Selling of any kind must be strictly kept to the marketplace. Thank you for your cooperation. Team DenimBlog
Because they couldn't be categorised as skinny. They are more slim but it's just diesels way of best describing their product in their own way. And zahi, just search for diesel master cut list here and it gives a list of every cut past and present in terms of loose to slim.
Ah no worries buddy.
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