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Nudie a are as true to size as any brand I've tried. My waist measures 32" exactly and I take a W32 in all nudies.
Really like this. Really on point and those trainers set the whole thing off. Great to see.
This is being investigated so can we please keep supposition to a minimum?
Sharp looks z. You and Karacho make that shit look so easy.
You can stick it in the marketplace buddy.
Very nice Aahz!
A point well made art. No one is arguing that they are innovators by pushing the boundaries but jogg jeans seem to be only thing they've gotten right recently (this is my opinion only) and even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day. 40 years in fashion is an impressive feat but diesel needs to grow into current trends more and save the loud washes for special capsule collections. I thought this would happen when Renzo stood down from creative and Nicola took over...
 Absolutely! A steal. I have my eye on some Kooples and Paul Smith stuff for the Black Friday sales. And needless to say, I'll be dropping a fat wad of cash on Allsaints. I'm moving away from Diesel myself. I'm getting rid of my last few washes. I'll be hanging on to 8SV and maybe 833Y but like you I'm spending my money on Nudie and Allsaints denim these days. You cant fault the quality of Nudie to be honest!
Very well put Leftvapor, I'm only from across the pond and while we wouldn't be as fashion forward as England (especially the South) there has been a significant move in terms of taste. There was a time when the denim you wore defined your whole outfit and as such the Diesel-type of washes were quite popular. But I think things have moved away from that and now what you wear on legs is more determined by shape/style rather than the wash and as such denim has taken a back...
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