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Yup Made in Italy. They are basically a washed out 603B (exact same stitching and everything) in a tepphar cut. I'm not a fan. They fabric is that awful stiff chino type material that just felt cheap and crap. Not worth the money. There is a blue tint on a lot of pictures of this pair that just isn't there in real life. They are an ugly mouldy green made worse by the overpowering yellow tint. As you can tell, I wasn't a fan and I think there are nicer jeans out there to...
@Hawk that is exactly how I think sleenkers should fit. @Mark A @Aivaras I think you guys have them too tight, you guys have some pretty muscular legs (and I mean that in a nice way). I run a lot and just can't get sleenkers to look right. The stretch means they go up my legs alright but the outline of my legs is clearly visible and gives that Kim Car-crash-ian in leggings look just isn't my style!!
Got these Tepphar 602S coz I've been curious about them for a while. Well, my curiosity is satisfied. They are pretty darn ugly to be honest. I'll really struggle to pair stuff with them and they're too long! Ah well, they'll have to go back. but on the upside, I'm gonna get the 666T so all is well that ends well!
Sent for auction, grab a bargain gents!
Very nice audit! Love the tee!
I'm probably wrong but I thought 68Z was a lyocell blend?
How much?
I wouldn't get your hopes up. Very very rare to get 100% cotton tepphar. I can't even think of any off the top of my head. They're all blends, mostly elastine blends.
I just bought crescent hi in washed charcoal this morning so I hope not!!
Tomorrow. I have a beer in my hand and the chair reclined. The laptop is so far away.
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