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Haha! I'm not cool enough to be a hipster! 😎
There is but you'd have to have some serious luck to find any leathers there let alone one of the bikers.
Allsaints snare boots.
Not Diesel either but I picked up the Allsaints Axis Blazer, really cool with a double label:  
Looking good gents, great to see this thread active again!   Tepphar 886Z Allsaints Varley Leather(Granite)
No worries buddy!
I take the same size as thavar. It's best to start from there and if you need to adjust size up and down then send it back.
Cheers for the advice. Not my first Japanese denim but I'll be glad to add this to my collection.
Job done Royce! Gonna nab me a pair. I quite like that wash. And it looks awesome on you mate.
How's the fit on those type-253? Same as any other diesel cut?
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