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Thanks for the heads up. I got a pair of iggy corduane for €3 last week. Not really my cut either but what a bargain. There's tonnes of tees, sweaters, cardigans and jackets on ebay for dirt cheap if you've got the patience. Actually really liking this season a lot. Some nice shirts and the calton pea coat in khaki is a must for me when the weather turns. Those selvedge cigarettes look pretty badass on you by the way. I like the look.
8880M were a weird one. Thin denim but cotton/lyocell mix. Usually lyocell blends run big but these actually ran quite slim and with the lyocell the thighs never had much give. Aside from that they were crackin jeans. So my advice, don't size down on these. But if my opinion counts for anything, I actually prefered the 880I wash. Stiff, 100% cotton and a more natural wash. They were awesome.
Love the look if these. And they fit you great. Love the outfit too.
Haha! If it's not kitchens it's get your love back by black magic! Hilarious.
They all get thumbs up from me! Especially the jeans and jacket.
Beats taking photos in the unfinished sections of the house. New location: the guest room!! Also, looking slick in the 74K!
Tepphar 820Q
James from jpr clothing is selling them. They'll be brand new and 311 is a good price for a new pair. Having said that, contact him, tell him your a member here and he'll offer you a discount. You can contact him here. His handle is stylecentre
It depends. Yoox gets stuff all the time but it's usually a year after. So SS14 will prob arrive SS15 but that's not definite just a rough guide.
MC Hammer would LOVE these!
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