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^^awesome dude.
Now that I can agree with. Even non-MII washes are €200+. But I've also noticed every brand has been taking a price jump these past few years but diesel is taking the piss.
Can't wait to see your fit pics straychev, the ones you took in the store they looked super. @fresh3, surplus clothing is legit, yeah? They have loads of sizes. And I've wanted braddom 887D for ages. It's the one wash I regret selling.
Yeah man, I totally agree. You always make the crazy washes look so classy. Good job. Great to see ya posting regularly again buddy.
And you're entitled to your opinion, I'm not questioning that. But I think this is diesels strongest season in a couple of years. They always release a load of boring washes. And as for the blue eyecons I can only think of maybe 4 that are worth getting and they've been running for about 8-9 seasons now.
Go easy on yourself man, you obviously like it and it looks good so forget about looking cool and enjoy the purchase. And you're a medium in allsaints and you're 5'10" so you ain't fat by any standard. And stick around here and build your wardrobe if you want to be a snappy dresser like the rest of us! 😎 Plenty of diversity in style here, you're bound to find something you like and you PM me or anyone else at any time if you want any help with anything. We'd be happy to help.
I agree with DA, fit looks good. I'd love the oxblood myself but the ink is more versatile. And don't close the biker, they never look as good. Wear it with what your wearing in the pic. Simple jeans and tee, maybe a knit in the colder climes. I don't know about you but here in Ireland, the winters get pretty fucking miserable!!
Man, buy the jacket and forget everything else! Those bikers make a statement all by themselves and should be worn quite simply so you don't really have to be super fashionable to wear it. In fact, wearing one would make you quite fashionable IMO. But if you're still unsure, post a pic or two here and I promise we'll be honest(but respectful of course) with you.
So lucky!😎😎
What are they?
New Posts  All Forums: