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Well nice buddy! I'm happy for you. But also very jealous. 😆😜
Yea man. I like those fits. Shirt fits you really well.
Looks good levislad! Have you lost weight?
Sorry, Allsaints Cigarette Jeans.
AS cigs are shit for that but sometimes they nail it.
Hi lads, Anyone tried this broad for mens? I'm thinking fit 2? I usually wear tepphar/tube tom/ lean dean/Allsaints cigs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Tube ton or skinny Lin. Tight long john are nice but the waist is really really low on them
What cut of topman are they?
Tube Tom or lean Dean. Great quality too. They keep their shape well. I also anatomically have an ass but you can't tell in jeans!!
You just described me. No ass whatsoever. The curved upper block can help with that though.
New Posts  All Forums: