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You couldn't have known. As far as I know, this particular "diesel" only exists in the uk and Ireland.
They're not fake zdenal, diesel has two brand presences in the uk and Ireland which came from a split in the brand in the 80s. Diesels uk division went out on it's own and kept the name and now trade independently. It's a cheaper, more generic version of the brand with a completely different ethos to Italian diesel but definitely not fake. As for coolaboola(love the name, love/hate right?) it's gonna be really hard to find a pair of those as they don't have the following...
I think we're all rooting for ya anyway!!Really? Not like you to be so negative. 😉
I think we're all rooting for ya anyway!!
Yeah, if you're proxying them in from the US, keep an eye out for Black Friday or cyber Monday. I think that's after thanksgiving if I'm not mistaken, maybe some of our US colleagues could confirm this?
DA, I'd say you're dead right to wait. I don't think these will sell out at that price but you'd want to be quick during the sales! I'm sure a few people have their eye on them!
San Fran isn't a flagship anyway. Just a large store. Only US flagship is in NYC 5th Ave. That place is like Mecca!
I've done a full review here with details and better pics. http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/201484/tepphar-835l-and-thavar-ne-830q-fit-pics-and-review
Yup. Pics don't do it justice though. Class wash.
Nice buy! And happy birthday mate. Hope you have a good one!
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