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Should've cleaned the mirror. Standards are slipping. Better get on to the wife.
Not diesel but ya know....
Ah I see The luisaviaroma pics are sleenker alright. Anyone order these from them?
Where did the rumour of a sleenker 846K come from? Was it just here? It's a bit of is stretch to have a blue eyecon in Tepphar and Sleenker.
Ah I see! I'm quite fond of my homie slippers too. I don't have a dog as an excuse though!
Shirt out looks pretty good. Are those slippers you're wearing?
It may have to wait coz I just got a mail from nudie saying my size is out of stock. Pity. I think at this stage I'll wait till Black Friday/cyber Monday and go on a binge.
Nah they were awful. Soooooooo tight in the calves, upper block was nice though. Tight long john were a lot nicer than I thought but were so low rise they were too similar to women's jeans. Sent them both back and ordered lean dean shoreline and a pair of allsaints pin boots. Should be here by tomorrow.
Good tip buddy, I'll def check it out. This place has been languishing lately. Apart from a couple of threads, it all seems to be Instagram reposts. Boring as fuck. The jeans are pretty sweet, nice rips and good wash. They're getting a lot of wear this summer, it's been the wettest, coldest summer on record here in Ireland and that's saying something, not once have I worn shorts!
Now they look like they're worth getting! Excellent fit too, nailed it buddy.
New Posts  All Forums: