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Tepphar 835L (for some reason, pics just don't do these justice and they've really grown on me. I actually really look forward to wearing them!) Allsaints Tonic Tee Allsaints Battle Blazer Diesel Chron on
Price drop!
Stop wearing the jeans and if the rash dies down then good. If it occurs again while wearing the jeans then you probably are having a reaction to something. In the meantime, if the symptoms are causing you discomfort, try an over the counter antihistamine. If symptoms persist, contact your local doctor. Dont bother posting pics of it. A ddx on here would be a waste of time, you'd probably get 20 diagnoses and they'd all be wrong.
Not necessarily. Raw denim is defined by being unwashed and untreated. Twill and ring spun jeans are primarily stretch construction. 100% cotton is more popular but don't confuse the denim with the wash. I've seen stretch Raws worn out and look great. You don't get the lines, creases and honeycombs as apparent but they do fade quite nicely. When you get to selvedge and heavyweight based Raws then it can be big money but they're just another type of raw jean but seem to be...
Personally I think the back looks excellent on you Ramirez. The pockets seem to be sitting in the right place. I had these in thin Finn but returned them for that exact reason. I've since picked 3 thin finns. Love the shirt too.
Oh btw, liked your look on the WDAYWT thread but if I could add a little critique, I wouldn't of gone with the boots, double denim would've looked a lot slicker with a nice pair of plims. Cons, for example. For me, it would balance out the slimness of the jeans. Or if you want a smarter look try some suede chukkas or suede brogues maybe.
Black, navy, blue, denim. Depends in your taste. I personally wouldn't wear em with a shirt. Tees only. Maybe a nice knit. I never wear "washed" jeans with a shirt. Raw, black and very plain pairs only. Maybe some grey ones. Unless it's a casual look then check or denim shirts only.
Cheers buddy! They kind of similar to 805A. They are originally green cast raw denim with dusty undertone in the original cotton. Worn down naturally like a standard stretch twill wash. My absolute favourite nudie wash. I get loads of wear out of them.
Thin Finn Dry Selvedge Allsaints Murakami Shirt Diesel Chron Zip Boots
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