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Good plan buddy.
No worries buddy. I went for slim in frame. Probably should've gone for skinny.
You def should consider them rcom. My first pair arrived in the post today and they are so nice I actually ordered a second pair straight away. Jeans 5 are very like tepphar/sleenker but the denim is amazing. I tried jeans 25 and let me put it like this, my wife's jeans would fit me better. Frame l'homme is like thavar with a better fitting upper block. Go up 1 size from your diesel thavar.
@Denim Collector Such a pity mate! The same thing happened to my brother and he had to send his back also but he really wanted that SLP look so he ordered a plain black pair of SLP, got them hemmed and did the knee rips himself. He took detailed photos of how they looked and he said there was loads of great videos on YouTube showing him how to do it. It worked s treat, you'd never know the difference. @denim addict I have to agree with you about the difference in quality...
Still waiting on my parcels to arrive. So I have a lot of envy for you DA!
I'd love to be able to tell you with certainty how they're gonna fit on you but I don't know what your body shape is like. I own a pair of topman skinnies and skinny Lin and tube Tom would be as close as it gets.
Most of them are yes. Especially the skinny cuts. Like I said before, try skinny lin (closest to topman "skinny"), tube tom (similar skinnyness but a little more room in the leg opening, great with military boots) or pipe led (super skinny)
Cheers gents. Will have s look at those two fits rmccoy! Looking forward to seeing the contrast rcom. The last thavar I bought was 841B and that leg opening just doesn't suit anymore. I may pull the trigger on the 2510 and send them back if it doesn't work out.
Ah crap. Was looking for a tighter leg opening. Kinda like tepphar. There was type-2510 on sale for €95 plus free shipping, its an absolute steal.
Anyone have any idea what the leg opening is like on DBG type-2510?
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