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Something very special arrived in the post today.... . More to follow...
Nice! Love those Wornin pepper. It's one of my go to pairs.
^^cool!! That the conny denim jacket too?
Fit looks good from what I can see. Pic isn't very clear though.
Cheers mate!
It's an old allsaints one I got years ago on ebay. It's become a comfort staple. It so old it's got old allsaints tags in cursive script and no product name.
Yup. Sure did. Fit is perfect for me. Same as 820Q.
It's 835L and no, I couldn't possibly size down on tepphar. The calves would be too tight and look silly. But the first couple of wears they were fine but they have stretched. They look good on though. Nothing wrong with a bit of room there, especially with all the fading that these have. But if you can size down on tepphar then I would. That is, if you prefer a tight fit.
Finally, I managed to get some pics of tepphar 833Y, love these. The denim is quite thick(for tepphar), green cast indigo denim that has been washes out completely(this can be seen in the weft of the jeans, on the inside, and then they have been given a black ash coating. Making a very dry hand feel with a matte finish. Just a little bit of fading on the upper block and thighs with a slight blue patina. The denim is a little stretchy with a compact construction and these...
Tepphar 835L(please note, if you can size down in tepphar, please do, coz they stretch) Allsaints Henley Allsaints Snare Boots     Thavar-NE 820Q Selected Oil wash Tee Allsaints Snare Boots RayBan Aviators  
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