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Ya know, you should really post these in what diesel are you wearing today thread. It's what it's for.
Personally, I think they look too baggy on you. If that's your personal style then cool but I really think you could easily fit into slimmer cuts as you seem to have a slim physique.
Plenty of people still wear bootcuts. Department stores always carry a few washes and by all accounts they sell well. Some people either can't or won't wear anything else. It's all a matter of taste I suppose. A couple of friends of mine who play rugby or football can really rock the bootcuts. They don't look great on me though.
Now them I like! The grey wash with the rust tones is a real winner for me. No worn away crotch too makes them easier to pull off for someone of my vintage. Yup, will pass on 608T and get these instead.
8X8 or 8F5. They were my first two and they were awesome. Proper blue eyecons.
They don't say they take 4 days to make anymore. That piece of marketing spoofery went with the bags they used to come in. It's to do with the washing and handmade abrasions and such but I'm with you guys, they don't look like a lot of work went into them. I won't pay diesels prices for them but I may pay giamatshop prices!!
Ebay has a few of them.
It is the first tepphar blue Eyecon and I think I actually like it. Oooohhhhh giamatshop!
As an authorised representative of this blog I can attest that these jeans are 100% authentic. And zdenal is right, some ebay buyers are chancers or idiots.
Well they look great on you and I love the idea of them but I'd be too conscious of the crotch holes.
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