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High kai or tube Tom. Tight long john and skinny Lin would be slimmer again. Oh, and size up one for nudie. They have a more fitted waist than diesel.
@royce13 very slick outfit man. Welcome.
Welcome!! Always glad to see a fellow fan!
I'm on it!!
Is that the helm shirt glorious?
Yea I got it at a good price. It looks very new at the moment. Gonna wash it down a shade. I wanted the colour of the brook denim jacket but in the style of the nitrate.
Pic is pretty crappy so hard to tell. But from I can see it looks pretty good. Those shirts are supposed to be pretty fitted.
Swag swag swag! Allsaints black denim jacket Allsaints crew knit Diesel Sarsene Shirt You can never have enough black!  
Real nice aahz! Those jeans are class!😎
I would go for the medium. Allsaints bikers run a little big. I'm usually a medium in most other brands and I took a small for my griffin and it fits perfect. All the bikers fit pretty much the same apart from some minor variation. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
New Posts  All Forums: