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Cheers buddy.
@leftvapor you have been rocking the outfits lately buddy! I always look forward to your posts as I think we have similar style. Aramis and DA, awesome as usual.
What's the story with cuts for s&s? What would be the closest to thanaz?
I think you've got the right idea levislad!
Next sale will be summer. They very rarely do promotions either. It's my one gripe about allsaints.
Listen buddy, I wasn't trying I argue with ya. I see your point but my point is I bought 2 chrom hi to give them the benefit of the doubt because, like you said, they were getting rave reviews all over. But both just looked terrible on me. Bad leather, thin sole. My wife and friends couldn't believe how much I paid for them seeing as they looked so cheap. So I invested in the trap. Much better and at COST price they were much cheaper. Having said that, I got the chron-zip...
Hmmm...not been active for a while then come online to wade in on a pointless, old debate and FYI, the question was chrom-hi or trap. Trap is a million times better quality and that is simply a fact as I've owned both. Have you owned both?
It's mad how the clothes actually fitted the models back then!
I think one thread is enough for this mate.
Shioner 604B Nudie Ervin leather Jacket Sendra Boots
New Posts  All Forums: