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I don't think it'll go on sale that soon mate.
Yup. They all fit pretty much the same. Kushiro leather is a little stiffer.
It depends on how you want it to fit. If you want it fitted go for the small. But if you to be able to wear layers under it like knitwear then go for a medium. Most of us here have opted for the fitted look and went for the smaller size.
Any chance of a couple of pics of the 838V? I'm interested in this wash.
I would agree with that from a certain point of view but from a business point of view getting celeb and blog endorsement is quite important.
I would ring Kildare and check they have it first. It's an outlet and the conroy is current season and the last time I was there they had no leathers and also the sale didn't apply to outlet. So check before you make the journey.
Mmmm...it's not that. Diesels message has always appealed to me. The evolution is not a word I'd use to describe what been happening. Desperation is more like it. The premium denim market is becoming saturated and diesel is, in my view, struggling to remain relevant. Celebrity endorsement is key to getting brands noticed but diesel hasn't had much in that regard for many years. Same with fashion bloggers, jogg jeans seem to be getting mentioned and even they aren't getting...
Leather never responds well to getting wet. Treatments work to a certain degree but I don't think I factored in Irish rain. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do now but try to avoid getting it wet. And invest in a parka. 😀
I'm with you 118i, diesel has been over treating their jeans for too long now in an attempt to corner a market. All that washing and chemical treatments weakens the crap out of the cotton making a poor quality product. And these jeans are too expensive to be throw away fashion. At least when you buy dior, SLP or even nudie you pay top dollar but what you get is a product that lasts and keeps its look. I bought quite a few jeans from last season and the two best ones were...
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