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Great! I'll see if we can get this idea off the ground. Rcom, diesel discussion will always be welcome here buddy. 😉 Thanks for the input gents, it's always appreciated.
I think it'll be a boost. Like thekid said, a lot more people are viewing the diesel section than other sections. But could that be coz it's the most active. It'll be something we'll have to look at.
Sure. It's a pretty good idea. Other forums don't differentiate and the decision to separate them was made when diesel the only thing discussed here.
Not really but make the other areas a bit more active. I don't wear that much diesel anymore but I much prefer the people here.
I think we need to put the whole diesel thing to bed. This place cant function as a diesel only place. I'm into more and more denim brands now and I'd love to showcase them here but if it's not diesel it gets no love. Other forums are showcasing loads of brands and they're busy places but they're difficult places to crack into these days. I'm gonna revive the WAYWT thread over the coming weeks and in addition to this thread. I'd love this new chapter of DB take off. What...
Your previous pair probably softened and stretched a little over time and multiple wears. The new ones just haven't caught up yet.
I thought they were a women's only brand until recently when I spotted some in a mall in Dubai. My wife has a few pairs and swears by the quality.
There's a great pair of grey fit 2's I have my eye on. There on my list of denim brands to try this year.
Hows the fit on those rag and bone fit 1? Are they as skinny as stickker?
I tried Frame. Very impressed with the denim but I got the slim and should've got the skinny so maybe it can go on "try in '16" list by default? I also want to try acne and rag and bone. There is a pair of Burberry denim I wanna try. Not sure if Burberry denim is worth trying. It'll be tough to turn my head after blk dnm.
New Posts  All Forums: