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I've tried that. Deleted profiles, banned IP addresses. I've done everything in my power to get rid of them and I have one of the highest administrative accesses here. Me and Jennifer have equal access. Dave is the only one with greater access than us and he owns the site so it's up him to talk to huddler who power th site and get them to do something. He's been asked by me and Jennifer on multiple occasions and we've been either ignored or fobbed off. Having said that, we...
Hahaha! You've obviouosly never met Dave!!! He doesn't care enough to even entertain an idea like that! I think he'd rather see this place go to the wall rather than invest any money in it.
Weeks? These guys have been bombarding the site for MONTHS! I've tried to stay on top of it, reported it to Dave but he couldn't give a rats ass and I don't have the time to spend hours deleting hundreds of threads anymore. It's ridiculous. They create multiple accounts using multiple profiles to create dozens of threads each. All in a matter of minutes. Pretty sophisticated for voodoo advertising. Methinks it's something more sinister so I'm hands off till Dave fixes it.
Lads, I've spoken to Dave and Jennifer countless times about this and they haven't done anything about it. I tried to keep on top of it for a while but it takes up to two hours of my time a day and I just don't have that time anymore.
-20% now includes all items guys. Including leathers.
Is it weird that I oddly prefer the fake one!! I didn't see the comparison pics. I've only just noticed this thread upped a page. Yeah I can see now they are totally fake. But like you said a decent attempt at a copy with some attention to detail but like you said far from perfect.
cJust my opinion from what I can see. And no, I wouldnnt buy them, I never liked the wash. 😀😎
I'd have to agree with Baltimore and zdenal, these look pretty authentic.
I'd keep it if it was me. But it's your dime. And yeah, allsaints staff are not known for their friendliness.
It can be. The process for wearing garments as robust as leather couldn't possibly have a uniform outcome. If you don't like it then you have nothing to lose by going back to the store. Worst case, you have to keep the one you have.
New Posts  All Forums: