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Been a while! Tube Tom Blue Valentine Firetrap Buffalo Check Allsaints Crescent Hi-Top
Dude, check the dates on the threads you're posting in. Some of them are years old.
Awh yeah! That's how it's done DA! How are the 887K?
What's the name of that coat gpoop?
I was waiting for someone to do this. Cheers DC.
Oh buddy that is slick!
Nah, it's what I imagine tight long John will look like on me.
Pulled the trigger on a pair of pipe led. Just to see what they're like. Also got a pair of tight long johns for the craic! May well be an excercise in hilarity! But they did bump me up to free delivery. I'm expecting this
I know it's a touch early but has anyone come across pipe led yet? It's seems to be between thin finn and tube Tom. Maybe a tape ted without that awful low yoke.
Very nice DA!
New Posts  All Forums: