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Look guys, this isn't the place to pitch your eBay listings. If you want to sell then post in the marketplace.
I think the chances of a blue eyecon being carried over to another season is pretty slim to be honest. All these websites/online stores have buyers who pick and choose what they want to/can sell to their customers and maybe sleenker 846K wasn't given much love.
In fairness, those guys on the fashion reddit are dicks at the best of times but they smelled blood when you reacted to the first negative comment so they all went out of their way to repeat the offending feedback. Coz....they're dicks. It was really obvious after the first couple of guys. Anyone who knows anything about raw denim knows that it's best if they are a bit tight in the beginning given how much time they're worn and the stretch of cotton. To me, there is...
My actual inside leg is 33" but I don't like a lot of stack in my jeans anymore. 1-2 breaks, thats it. I find this look is much better for wearing with boots which I wear a lot of. I also wear my jeans a bit low coz I have no ass to hold em up.
The first two are legit and the third is suspect.
That's fair enough. Diesel leg lengths are ridiculous. I'm 6'2" and I take a 32L in everything except diesel where I take a 30L. Having said that, my own preference is to one or two(max) breaks in my jeans these days. Makes my legs look longer!
Nice jeans but are they a touch too long?
Tepphar 886Z Allsaints Snare boot Allsaints Aterro Tee Brooklyn Supply Co. Shirt
Very nice Alehandro, everything fits well and the whole outfit is bang on point.
Keeping it simple here guys with: Tepphar 666T Allsaints aterro tee, liking the longer length tees these days, not too long mind but good for layering in Autumn. My new Grey Suede Chucks which I freakin love!
New Posts  All Forums: