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Really? I offloaded them shortly after I bought them. Only wore them once or twice. Couldn't deal with the patches.
Here's a snap with mobile site...
Dude if they look like the cultizm pics(I've always found cultizm to be the mostly accurate when it comes to pics) then I'll reconsider my decision not to get them. Won't get my review done today of the 666T coz my laptop is on the fritz. Pity, I received quite the swag bag from allsaints today as well! I've got lots to share!
My 666T finally arrived after I had to return the last pair (too long). These are slick! Like 887K meets 8W3. Full review tomorrow gents.
I left them up coz I was nostalgic for the days when this place a one stop shop for voodo. Just in case anyone needs to get their lover back or anything. Anyway, gone now!
Lovin the long johns on you leftvapor, well put together outfit!
Looking slick DA!!
Allsaints must have a discount code coming out soon. They've just upped their prices by 10%. Sneaky fuckers.
Same as iPaul! Sick outfit! And rockin that beard!
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