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Your style is always on the edge man. Love it.
I think they'd be fine in those temps. The fabric is more like a twill chino than denim.
Haha, camera timer doesn't give me enough time to properly fix myself! Amended post with better pic.
Do you mean is it too small for me?I don't think so, the right sleeve was riding up my arm a little in that pic but otherwise it fits fine. I'd like it in a longer length though.
Diggin around my wardrobe today and found these beauties! Haven't worn them in ages! DBG Excess 84P Allsaints Knit Ted Baker Coat
They are thin, twill like fabric. But heavily treated so they are stiff. They are also quite stretchy as well.
They're authentic but they've been washed. I have 2 pairs of these and one has been washed and it looks exactly like those pics. Go for a new pair of you can find them. They look much better. Try giamatshop, he has a good few sizes left.
That's what I mean, I just find the looks clash a bit. Nothing wrong with the fit on either. If 886B were a plain grey wash then it would totally work but the distressed looking jeans and the clean crisp shirt...I'm not sure what you're going for. But that's just me, I'm pretty picky about those things as I'm getting older and slightly more curmudgeonery!
Fit on the jeans: perfect Fit on the shirt: perfect. The two together? Nope. I just find the the two looks clash. But I'm just repeating myself! 😏
Good sharp look!
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