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Post some pics. Hard to give advice on fit without them mate.
Cheers gents! @levislad and French boy, excellent outfits. French boy, I could be wrong but isn't sendra a Spanish brand?
Thavar 817G Sendra Boots  
Most models have to fit certain measurements as sample sizes are always W32 L32. So models mostly have to fit these sizes so the ideal model would be W32 L32, 38" chest and UK size 9 shoe. Now not all models are this size hence why the clothes look better on some than others. Some models even retrofit clothes to suit(hemming, cinching the waist, etc). I'm not just making this up either, we checked it out a while back. Btw, this is for diesel. As I got a buddy of mine who...
Nice 8PI gpoop, now that's a wash you don't see often! On the Narrot, admittedly my experience is limited but if my advice counts for anything, I tried to size down given the oversized nature of the upper block and they looked ridiculous so I tried my usual size and they looked pretty cool. The hem narrows down quite severely below the knee but I rolled them twice and pulled them over my knee and I actually liked them but we don't get the weather here in Ireland! They fit...
What size are these buddy?
Wutzwagg, awesome joggs mate! Levislad, love the cardi! Where'd you get it? DA and French boy, excellent fits gents!
Mmmmaaaaaassssssssssiiiiiivvvvveeeeeee price drop!
Cheers buddy.
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