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Looking well aahz!!!! Have you lost weight? You look very dapper as always!
Absolutely super fit mate.
I'm only ever gonna do one ultra. Just to try it. The shoulder ok. Just takes ages to heal! I should be fine by October! Good luck in Berlin. Let us know how you do.
Yeah probably best to avoid them. Like you said, could be the dye or a treatment to the cotton. I'm sure they weren't tampered with. If they were, it probably would've stopped after they were washed. Also, red dots could be from your leg hairs being pulled. Are they tight? This is just guess work obviously, I wouldn't be able to do any kind accurate assessment without a proper examination. My advice, avoid the jeans.
Nice one pryv! I've got 1 half marathon in October then it's all strength training for the ultra marathon in March. It's at a bad time. I wouldn't run outside in the winter and the treadmill doesn't make you as fit. And I tore a muscle in my shoulder this week so the injuries are stacking up! Must be gettin old!!!
You couldn't have known. As far as I know, this particular "diesel" only exists in the uk and Ireland.
They're not fake zdenal, diesel has two brand presences in the uk and Ireland which came from a split in the brand in the 80s. Diesels uk division went out on it's own and kept the name and now trade independently. It's a cheaper, more generic version of the brand with a completely different ethos to Italian diesel but definitely not fake. As for coolaboola(love the name, love/hate right?) it's gonna be really hard to find a pair of those as they don't have the following...
I think we're all rooting for ya anyway!!Really? Not like you to be so negative. 😉
I think we're all rooting for ya anyway!!
Yeah, if you're proxying them in from the US, keep an eye out for Black Friday or cyber Monday. I think that's after thanksgiving if I'm not mistaken, maybe some of our US colleagues could confirm this?
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