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I'm so jealous! I use the unidays service too and I onky get the 10%. I just ordered the lonerock and havre shirts though. Need some shirts for the upcoming Xmas party season.
Ya jammy git! How'd you get your student code? Through unidays?
You did well with the sale mate!!!
Oh man that's one cool jacket!
Any pics? I'm intrigued by this jacket.
I took my usual tepphar size. And they fit just right.
Order loads of times before. They have a string of stores across the UK. Totally legit.
I tried these in tepphar and the denim is thin and I had to size down. I know leftvapor had to size down 2. So I would advice sizing down 1. Personally I wouid go for 833Y in tepphar coz the denim is thicker and quality is better.
Isn't that for spring summer stuff though? Not the new season stuff? I'm not sure, anyone else wanna chime in to confirm?
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