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Ahmmm, I haven't gained any weight! I'm fitter than I've ever been. Ran two marathons this summer. I've put on some muscle but all my clothes still fit.
Managed to score a pair of thanaz 8SV, had these in viker a few years ago and loved the wash. Now I have em in thanaz and I'm so delighted. Thanks DA, you're a legend!
Grim Tim Wornin Pepper
Shioner 600R
Nailed it.
Hey DC, a description of the denim is in the review. Peruse at your discretion! They're not really similar to any other diesel denim I've come across so I described then best I could.
They're similar but the 835L is richer in colour. More of a deep indigo similar to 8YM, 74Y or 75G or even maybe 880W but darker. It's the material that's the real winner for me.
Well put daaan, great piece of fashion advice there.
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