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As an authorised representative of this blog I can attest that these jeans are 100% authentic. And zdenal is right, some ebay buyers are chancers or idiots.
Well they look great on you and I love the idea of them but I'd be too conscious of the crotch holes.
I just can't deal with the holes in the crotch. It's a bad spot for abrasions. Apart from that I think they are awesome jeans and I really like this direction diesel is taking. Jeans looking more natural.
@Atomva, very nice and very sharp!
Very very very nice! You may convince me on balms in yet gpoop!
Yes! Congrats on your new purchases!
So sharp!
Well there is a couple of other cuts like darron, belther and so on. You may have luck with some of them. None have the same upper block as krooley.
Shioner is a slim/skinny fit. Krooley is carrot fit. Shioner would be narrower with a straight leg. Usually shioner has an 17-18cm leg opening.
A little girl. And she has me wrapped too. I think we're in trouble!
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