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^you from the north cossers? I'm a galway man myself.
Ah a New Years resolution, they always start so well! I Just brew beer in small batches as a hobby. I did a bacon maple ale last year that was quite tasty!
Nice idea, Me, I'm an avid cook. Been so since I was a child. Nowadays I'm busy perfecting my sous vide skills and brewing my own beer. I got a pretty tasty pumpkin ginger rye ale on the go at the moment. Meant to be ready for Christmas but I think im gonna let sit for a little longer.
Lindeberg is a genius if you ask me. His new venture blk dnm NYC has some awesome pieces. When I head to NYC at the end of the year I'm gonna make it my business to get better acquainted with that brand. 😃😎 Jacket looks boss btw!
I'm the same. Always a little too long. So I get my tailor to shorten them and keep the original hems. If your tailor knows his stuff you'll never notice the difference.
Love it when that happens!
^^Tepphar 827N
To me they both look exactly the same. So send back the more expensive one. Fit is good on both.
Looking slick as always karacho!
What's the fit like on those Blk dnm? Lindeberg is a genius.
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