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Yoox carries a lot of DBG stuff but I've only ever seen one outlet in Woodbury Common in New York but that's long closed now. Usually the DBG stuff is lumped in with the regular diesel stuff.
Very true but they do have fantastic sales!
Dude, chill on the melodrama a bit. I just checked the system and none of your posts were deleted or held for moderation. Sometimes if you're trying to upload lots of pictures the server simply times out.
DBG really has upped its game recently.
Agreed, blenham fits slimmer than the bikers. Size down buddy.
Definitely gettin those.
Classic pair and still looking good.
I frikkin love this outfit, jeans would be a bit wild for me but you work them! Fit is perfect, they sit well over the shoes and combined with the waistcoat and jacket the whole outfit just looks awesome. This style is right up my street.
That's odd, usually their stores are usually well stocked. Maybe it's coz its new. As for Allsaints denim. It's fine, a bit over priced for basically the same quality as other high street demim. But it does have a certain look. I recently bought the husk cigarette and it was exactly what I was looking for for a long, long time. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have paid €135 for them. To be honest, if you're willing to pay that money then buy nudie. Same look but far...
Fantastic DA
New Posts  All Forums: