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The guy was an ass. I don't want that kind of shit on here. Had to delete James comments too coz he looked like a crazy person having a one sided argument with himself!!!
Go with your thin finn size mate. I always recommend sizing up one for nudies!
Wtf...hasn't diesel learned anything from those ugly ass rips in the side of jeans??? Haven't enough of them been left to languish on yoox forever unbought, forever unloved...
It is but the leather felt stiffer than I thought it would.
Thavar-NE 825I Joggs Nudie Backbone Black-Beige Melange Allsaints Burrows Shirt Allsaints Snare Boots Allsaints Griffin Leather   Nudie Tube Tom Blue Valentine Selected Striped top River Island Chukkas (which have seen better days)
I thought so too musejames and when I went to try it on it just didn't grab me really. What I was wearing that day didn't suit it anyway. I wonder will allsaints start making nice brown leathers again?
Take note that tape ted and thin fin have dropped back pockets that just don't suit everybody. Tube Tom is the same fit but with proper placed back pockets.
I sized up one on the tube tom. Fit is similar to thanaz, early thanaz, like the 8SV. Cheers buddy
841B is new as far as I know and 608T only came in L32. Nudie Tube Tom is the closest cut to thanaz I've found. But youll need to size up one.
The only brand that does jeans like diesel(washes I mean)is replay but the back pockets are too sporty for my liking. G-star slim(not super slim), replay anbass and Allsaints cigarette would all be close but slightly different at the same time. Higher end jeans like dior and SLP are close but you'd need to size down 1.
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