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Karacho, showing us how it's done.
Lazy Day! Thavar-NE 604N Allsaints Shirt Chron-Zip  
I was thinking 801C
Diggin the shirt too Blake! Is it the S-Zuba?
Giamatshop is quite quick with the shipping so I'll do a small review(haven't done one of them in a while) with some photos. And @straychev I understand your dilemma. This is the first season in quite while where I want EVERYTHING!! Has anyone else seen safado 831A on ASOS? Pics look gooooddddd!
Blue eyecons were rarely dirty. Only a few of them had crazy washes! But this looks more laid back, like you said. I ordered it last night with thavar-ne 830Q. I'm also gonna get 834A even though it doesn't get much love but I quite like it!!
They look super! And a great fit too!
Very true. Ebay nearly all the time side with the buyer. Ask for the item back before you refund so you can resell. Pain in the ass but it's just the risk you take with selling online. People can be such assholes.
Cool of coal was one of the best campaigns diesel did. Those 8X9 are awesome!
I've a few more things on my list before that. But they are def worth getting.
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