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Cheers gents! I do try! ☺️
Like I said, it's fall-winter preview. So it won't be available until next season.
Anyone who's waiting for thavar 843S and tepphar 666T will have to wait a little longer as its fall/winter preview!
Haha! I'm not cool enough to be a hipster! 😎
There is but you'd have to have some serious luck to find any leathers there let alone one of the bikers.
Allsaints snare boots.
Not Diesel either but I picked up the Allsaints Axis Blazer, really cool with a double label:  
Looking good gents, great to see this thread active again!   Tepphar 886Z Allsaints Varley Leather(Granite)
No worries buddy!
I take the same size as thavar. It's best to start from there and if you need to adjust size up and down then send it back.
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