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Yup. Bought from them before.
Got them from denim addict and they are so awesome. They get lots of wear!
Couple of outfits from the weekend:   Thanaz 8SV   And a non-diesel offering, G-Star Bronson Slim chino
Ah, never owned that wash. I was wearing bootcuts when they were released! Look good man.
What do you mean "really"?
Yeah and the thighs and knees were so tight and the waist and ass both stretched still. They looked ridiculous. I've bought them twice and sold them very shortly after buying them. Such a waist coz I've struggled to find a wash like them. Not a grey wash but a washed out black.
Then get the 31/32. These are a little more compact than some tepphar.
Waist and ass stretch terribly. Thighs, not so much.
833Y all the way man!!! My favourite diesels for a long long time.
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