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Hi mate, This is just guesswork but diesel is vanity sized and if you're waist measures 33" then go 2" below that so I would say W31. Having said that, it all depends on your thighs and calves. But W31 would be a good place to start. But buy from a place with free returns to make it easier on yourself! Hope this helps
If you find more than one let me know! I'm in the market for a pair myself!
If you find more than one, let me know!
Oh I wouldn't go any longer. You know what safado is like for length.
Get your normal size mate. One of the best washes diesel ever made IMO.To everybody else: looking great! Special mention to aramis on an awesome fit on both 73J and 801C!
Please provide actual photos for your listing please. Thank you.
It's such a shame. You should complain to diesel about them. Making such poor quality items and charging so much for them.
Chron zip are good but still not worth the money. It's just a shame that you spent all that money on such a sub standard product.
I've been saying it for ages. The chrom hi are a joke. €250 for boots that are just awful. Flimsy, thin, soft leather and a thin sole that offers no support. They are crap! I got the chron-zip yesterday. They've fitted a lug sole and the suede is slightly thicker and overall it makes a better boot but still I wouldn't pay the €250 asking price. They're barely worth the €110 I paid for them. There are way better boot makers out there. Even Aldo make a great boot at a...
Love 811P, great summer wash. 8X2 is nice but overrated.
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