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Ol' giamatshop is not the best at answering his messages through here. You might have more luck with his ebay messenger.
I'm usually a W31 in regular thavars and I got a W32 in both 604N and 825I and they fit better than regular thavar. Joggs are so stretchy they're gonna lose a bit if shape. But my krooley-ne BPX went right back into shape after a delicate wash. Never lost colour and they must've been washed half a dozen times. Someone on here will probably contradict me but that's just my experience.
I think that wash in that cut just works. For me anyway. Proper summer pair.
Yup. Sold my old pair last year and really regretted it. So I got them for the summer. Such a super wash.
Had a bit of splurge...   Clockwise from top left: Krooley 811P Diesel S-Zuba Shirt Allsaints Nishi Iggy Jeans Thavar-NE 604N Thavar-NE 825I   Grim Tim Green Symphony Thin Finn Dry Twill Grim Tim Wornin Pepper Thin Finn Org. Blue Strike   Lovin the Nudie these days!
Thavar-NE 604N G-Star Shirt Allsaints Crew Allsaints Bloomsbury Denim Jacket
I'd say keep on at them. If enough of us msg them. All of them. Then maybe something will get done. This place is the pits with spam these days.
Hey guys just to let you know that team denimblog is here if you require any help or have any complaints so just so you know that they are: Moderator-iPaul Community Manager- Jennifer Owner and founder- Dave These guys have profiles here and you find them using the search function and they would more than happy to hear from you if you feel they should know anything that's been going on on the blog.
Wow that's some prices! I'd say you love giamat shop glorious! Still though, those grey thavar joggs and the sleenker from the top pic are the nicest I've seen from diesel for a while.
Looking glorious, glorious! EKULP01, Safado is a great fit on you mate. Looks great with the cons.
New Posts  All Forums: